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Ça Va (French for "okay", literally "that goes") is an album by Germanmarker/Britishmarker avant-pop group Slapp Happy, recorded in Londonmarker in 1997. Slapp Happy had reunited to make this album and (unlike all their previous albums) they played all the instruments themselves. They also used a digital studio to produce a layered sound on many of the tracks.

The V2 Records release of the album in Japanmarker included a bonus track.

Track listing

  1. "Scarred for Life" (Blegvad)
  2. "Moon Lovers" (Krause/Latham)
  3. "Child Then" (Blegvad/Partridge)
  4. "Is it You?" (Krause/Moore)
  5. "King of Straw" (Blegvad/Gregson)
  6. "Powerful Stuff" (Blegvad/Moore)
  7. "A Different Lie" (Moore)
  8. "Coralie" (Moore)
  9. "Silent the Voice" (Krause/Moore)
  10. "Working at the Ministry" (Moore)
  11. "The Unborn Byron" (Blegvad/Moore)
  12. "Let's Travel Light" (Blegvad)

Bonus track on 1998 V2 Japan release

  1. "Hello Dagi" (Blegvad/Moore)


  • Anthony Moore – Keyboards, programming, guitars, saz, toy theremin, percussion, melodica, vocals (lead on "Coralie")
  • Peter Blegvad – Guitars, bass, percussion, vocals (lead on "Powerful Stuff")
  • Dagmar Krause – Vocals, piano ("Is it You?")

Sound and art work

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