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Lausanne Hotel School (École hôtelière de Lausanne, EHL) or simply EHL is the oldest hotel school in the world (1893), Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) offers university-level studies to students who are aiming for top careers in the hospitality industry. In Switzerland, it is the only institute of hospitality management of HES ("Haute Ecole Spècialisèe", or University of Applied Sciences) level offering advanced programmes which are recognized by the Swiss government. It is also accredited as an Institution of Higher Education by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), USA. Generally, EHL is accepted industry-wide as the best hotel school in the world, next to the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.

About EHL

EHL is accredited as an Institution of Higher Education by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), USAmarker. It was the first hospitality management college in the world to have a dual accreditation at NEASC and HES, Haute Ecole Spécialisée (University of Applied Sciences) level offering advanced programmes which are recognized by the government.

In addition to this international recognition, EHL continuously broadens the scope of its three academic programmes by integrating market trends and new technologies through projects done in collaboration with industry partners, applied research and consulting.


The school currently offers different types of degrees. The primary programme, where students are educated in international hospitality management, leads to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree and is open to secondary school diploma holders who have access to a university in their country of origin. Concentrations include those in Corporate Finance, Real Estate, Food and Beverage, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Law. A Diploma programme is also offered to vocational background candidates, too. Additionally, an MHA (Master in Hospitality Administration) is offered to highly motivated university graduates.


The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne was the first hotel school in the world. It was founded over a hundred years ago, in 1893, during the Belle Epoque when Switzerland was experiencing an unprecedented boom in tourism and there was an urgent need for skilled and professional personnel, at every level from management down.

This was the era of the grand palaces and magnificent hotels - still visible today - built along the shore of Geneva and in mountain resorts high above the lake, in order to accommodate a growing international and often wealthy and famous clientele.

The rapid growth of this wealthy and highly demanding clientele resulted in a huge increase in hotels. Fifty palaces and grand hotels were built between 1834 and the opening of the School in 1893, and the number had more than doubled by the outbreak of the First World War. The demand for skilled employees and dynamic managers also grew exponentially in response to the need for high standards of individualized service.

EHL was founded in response to this need. At the time, the idea of a hotel school was revolutionary. EHL's founder, Jacques Tschumi, an influential member of the Swiss Hotel Association, had to persuade his rather reticent fellow members that the project was a realistic and viable one. His vision was soon to be proved well-founded.

When founded in 1893 EHL started with 27 (male) students in the first year. In 1924, the first woman enrolled as a student at the EHL. The campus of EHL was originally located in the city of Lausanne, on the shore of the Lake of Genevamarker in the building of the Hotel d'Angleterre, but was relocated to Chalet-à-Gobet in 1975.

EHL has educated more than 25,000 hospitality industry executives who now make up a network for every member of the EHL community.

Since April 2002 Ruud Reuland has been the General Director of EHL. He came to EHL from the Hotel School, The Haguemarker where he was Dean.

In the first half of 2004 there were over 1,400 students from more than 80 different countries, enjoying the unique and enriching environment of the Lausanne Hotel School.


In September 2007, Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Travel & Tourism (UK) the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis conducted a broad industry survey amongst a large sample of hiring managers from leading international hospitality organizations around the world. (The survey was paid for by Laureate education, the owner of Glion and Les Roches. ) The primary purpose of this survey was to establish the relative ‘ranking’ of the various international hospitality management schools providing university level programs from which these employers are likely to recruit staff. Among the top 3 industry rankings were Glion Institute of Higher Education (2nd), Les Roches International School of Hotel Management School (3rd) and École hôtelière de Lausanne (1st).


EHL recently helped set up a Hospitality Management Institute in Greater Noida, India.This Institute , FHRAI Institute Of Hospitality Management, was set up in 2005, and commenced its first academic session on the 5th of September 2005. EHL provides academic certification to this institute.

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