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Ñuble Province is a province of the Biobío Region of the Republic of Chilemarker, with a total surface of 13,178.5 km² and administratively constituted by 21 communes. It has a population of 441,604 inhabitants. Its capital is the city of Chillánmarker.

The province was created in 1848 with the San Carlos Department of Maule Province and Chillán Department of Concepción Province. In 1884 the departments of Bulnes and Yungay, were created from the Chillán Department. In 1927 the provincial limits were modified and the Itata Department was added from Maule. Later, in 1976, the communes of Coelemumarker and Ránquilmarker from Concepción Province, and the commune of Tucapel from Biobío Province, were added.

Culture and Tourism

Ñuble has a lot of attractions for tourists, including:
  • The Spas of Chillán are a winter and, more importantly, summer tourist complex of the province and the region, located among millenarian forests and inexhaustible thermal water sources.
  • The comuna of Pinto, located 24 km to the southeast of Chillán, is an agricultural area with some beautiful rural areas where native flora and fauna can be found.
  • The Lleuques is a cordillerano bath located next to the Rengado River and which has beautiful places surrounded by mountains.
  • Cobquecura located in the coastal sector, and has several beaches and places to make excursions (like the Calvario Hill).
  • The commune of Quillón is home of the Avendaño Lagoon, for water-skiing, swimming, sailing, and rowing.
  • The commune San Fabián de Alico, has beautiful landscapes is an excellent locality for excursions, camping and fishing.

Other places of interest are the Market and Fair of Chillán, one of the more beautiful and important artisan centers of Chile. Murals by Siqueiros were donated by the Government of Mexicomarker. There is also Bernardo O'Higgins Monumental Park in the locality of Old Chillán.

Among the activities characteristic of Ñuble are crafts, in particular in the localities of Quinchamalí (considered like one of the country's more important places of artisan production of white clay pottery), Coihueco (characterized by the wood carvings and loom weaving), Ninhuemarker and San Fabián de Alico.

In recent years the province of Ñuble has consolidated an important forest sector, thanks to favorable climatic conditions land for the development of plantations of such rapidly growing trees as pinus radiata and eucaliptus globulus.

Ñuble has a variety of celebrations and events. Outstanding among these are the Rodeo, a celebration huasa that takes place between September and February. The Agro-Expo of San Carlos is an agricultural, cattle and artisan exhibition, with strong accent on dairying.
  • The Carnival of Quillón, traditional celebration with artistic spectacles and dances.
  • The Celebration of the Vendimia, the celebration of autumn in the locality of Santacruz de Cuca.
  • The Festival of Creole Roots in Coihueco, which revives folkloric traditions.
  • The gathering of Folkloric Roots of Portezuelo in the month of November brings together an important group of singers, artisan and cultural singers and expressions of rural sectors of Ñuble and the country.
  • The celebrations of the Cherry and Esquila; this first occurs in December in Quinchamalí, with typical folkloric activities, meals, exhibitions and tasting of cherries, jams and liqueurs; second the Cardal "in the commune of Yungay takes place in the sector".

The province has the pride of being the home of patriots, artists and other men of note, including, Bernardo O'Higgins, Arturo Prat, Claudio Arrau, Ramón Vinay, and Violeta Parra.

Chillán, the capital of Ñuble, may be reached by the following routes:
  • By automobile: From Santiagomarker: towards the south by route 5 (Pan-American Highway), they are 399 kilometers of freeway. From Concepciónmarker: towards the east by route 152, they are 112 kilometers of freeway.
  • In airplane: Concepción is the nearest airport.
  • In train: Terrasur of EFE (the national railway) Av. Brazil s/n Chillán Station.

Communes of Ñuble Province

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