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Deportivo Ñublense is a football team in Chillánmarker, Chilemarker. It was founded in 1916 and promoted to the first division of Chilean football, Primera División, in 2006. It is currently managed by Fernando Díaz.



First Team of Ñublense in 1916
The club's history dates back to 1916 when a group of friends, led by professor of the School of Men, Manuel Lara Gutiérrez, decided to form a sports club in Chillánmarker. Thus, on August 20 of that year, the academy of men of the city, setting up the sports' Liceo Football Club which counted among its branches basketball, boxing, football, among others.

The football team played a long time in an amateur league, where they won the local championship in eleven consecutive years (1938–1948). Among their players were Eduardo Sanhueza Martin Sepulveda Candelario, Tomas Bravo Figueroa, Carlos Gonzalez Utreras, and Humberto Fagnilli. It is the latter, who renamed the club calling it "Lyceum-Ñublense."

In 1942 Lautaro Vasquez con Landa as helmsman of the team, changes the name of the institution to "Club Sports Ñublense". The club continued in the amateur soccer until the year 1957 when the hand of who was the head of the civil registration of the city and the club president, Moses Noriega Alarcon, leaves amateur football to join the Regional Championship of Concepcion for one year, competing with teams like Lord Cochrane, Universitario, Gente de Mar, Galvarino or the Arturo Fernández Vial.

Becoming professional

In 1959 thanks to the management of Mario Avendaño, the club accepted nomination to the National Football Association, and became professional. The first year of professionalism, the football team was prepared. The club reached the Argentine coach Martin Garcia, he arrived with young players who had experience in professional football, one of them was the goalkeeper Luis Venzano Justiniano, from the Universidad de Chile and who was the first professional footballer to sign with the club.

In 1961 Solar with Renato Sanchez at the helm of the club, is one of the most remembered recruitment by the club since arriving at the team, player from Boca Juniors and Argentina national team, José Borello. On that occasion, the club was in fourth position. Throughout this period the club became prominent leaders like Carlos Abel Vallejos Jarpa, Vincent Cox Vial, Luis Fischer, the lords Cusacovich, Foster, among many others, who managed the stability of the team. The first two years, Ñublense made at the local stadium only bound to exist in Chillanmarker, the stadium's Seminary College, while they planted grass and built the stands and dressing rooms of the municipal stadium, which was sand.

First Division

Nelson Oyarzún Arenas
1976 was one of the best moments of the team, when the presidency of Pedro Guzman Alvarez, and technical direction of Isaac Carrasco, the team won the second division and is promoted to the first. The second year in the first division, the institution saw red switch to one of the best coaches that has taken the team with a new style, Nelson Oyarzún Arenas, the game marked the reds. Dubbed the "consommé", because it forced their target savor a bowl of consommé, after the games, he earned the respect and affection of the fans. He died on the morning of September 10, 1978, of cancer at the age of 35. In the afternoon the same day, the team faced Colo Colo, winning by a score of two to one.

The debacle

Esaú Bravo
In 1979 down to second, with the coach Hernan Godoy in banking, and a year later, is again, this time as a vice, with the chairmanship of Don Osvaldo Erbetta Walker, and technical direction of Manuel Rodriguez Vega. Since 1981, he began a bad time for the reds. Problems on and off the pitch caused it to fall to second division. In 1983 in the third division, dropping their last encounter in the face of local Curico Unido 5-1, dragging with them a great debt, causes a forced change of nameto Ñuble Unido. During these three years, the club hired a number of technicians and leaders, who tried to fix the problems without good results.

Reaches the year 1985, and the team up as DT, former player Esau Bravo, who achieved the title of champion unbeaten, and climb back to second. Meanwhile, the helmsman of the time, Hector Canahuate, renegotiated debt that the club had, and retrieves the name of Ñublense. The year 1991, the institution was in trouble, and the team led by Rolando Garcia, refused to sign the form and get the club back to third by secretariat.

In 1992, the technician Esau Bravo, once again returns to the team to second after winning the final liguilla disputed in Quillotamarker, which won by four and two to San Luis de Quillota. Ñublense again passing through difficult times, but despite this, in 1995, achieved an excellent campaign in the Copa Chile eliminating to Colo Colo but unfortunately, falling to the Universidad Catolica of Gorosito and Acosta. The year 1996 was a shambles, with a new decision of stock autodespedirse this year due to non-payment of their salaries. At the end of that year, took the reins of the club the local businessman, Reiniero Iraira, who along with Casiano Andrade, were the lifeguards of the institution during this period.

In the year 2000, falls to third, and a year later, with Claudio Iraira at the helm of the club, was saved miraculously down to the fourth division. In a match with General Velásquez it was 30 seconds of the debacle, but the red achieves the goal that kept it in third. Claudio Iraira, as a way to improve the economic situation of the team, Ñublense transforms into joint-stock company, being a resounding failure. The coffers were on the floor, but the timely intervention as chairman of John Andrade, saved the situation.

From third to second and from second to first

Luis Marcoleta
In the year 2004 The former sports commentator and businessman in the area, Sergio Zarzar Andonie takes charge of the institution, achieving the stability that was expected. Weapon is a competitive team, which led by Esaú Bravo for the third title fight. But a seesaw on the road, produces the output of technical and income of the former striker and now strategist, Luis Marcoleta who achieved the championship in a disputed final against Curico Unido first in Chillánmarker, The defense appeared bolting Wladimir Herrera Who gave way to a match played in defining Linaresmarker where Ñublense defeated by 2-0 to the cast of the Maule Region.

In the year 2005 reds participated as a guest in the first B championship, being the revelation of the football team rented, due to its excellent performance in the leadership, football and especially the great call obtained by averaging 10,000 spectators per game, becoming on the team that leads the public at second division. On that occasion Ñublense ranked the fourth position, and because of their status of "guest" could not play the liguilla's rise, giving in to his post O'Higgins of Rancaguamarker, a team that ultimately amount.

Sergio Zarzar Adonie
One year ago, 2006, and the possibility open of being able to continue climbing, the group of leaders headed by Zarzar, full deciding battle of the chance to return to football rented. The reds got a direct step in a first division game against San Felipe in Chillan, I find that the trans Nestor Zanatta became the figure scoring the goal which gave rise to the chillanejos by launching criminal. After those run by Marcoleta had a chance to be champion at conception facing Lota Schwager Carlos Caceres but the striker missed a penalty in the final minutes, proving first that year Deportes Melipilla.


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