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 is the capital city of Ōita Prefecturemarker located on the island of Kyūshūmarker, Japanmarker.

Demographics and geography

Ōita is the most populous city in Ōita Prefecture. As of 2008, the city has an estimated population of 467,267 and a population density of 932 persons per km².

The total area of the city, after the merger with Town of Notsuharu and Town of Saganoseki on January 1, 2005, is 501.25 km².

The city is bordered by City of Beppu to the northwest, City of Yufu to the west, City of Taketamarker to the southwest, City of Bungo-ōnomarker to the south, and City of Usukimarker to the southeast. The north of the city faces the Seto Inland Seamarker.
Main street of Ōita


During the 1960s and 1970s, an industrial region was formed along the Beppu Gulf coast. Among the plants in the region were flagship plants of Nippon Steel and Showa Denko. The blast furnaces of Nippon Steel Ōita Plant are one of the biggest blast furnaces in the world.

In the 1970s, Toshiba and Canon built and expanded their plants in inland area. By then, the city emerged as a major production center of electronics products such as LSIs and digital cameras.

The downtown and shopping districts are located to the north of Oita Station. Recently, however, the area has been gradually declining in power, because the main commercial areas have been dispersed due to the construction of big shopping malls in the suburbs.


The Ōita area is historically known as , the capital of .

During the Sengoku period (15th - 16th century), the powerful Ōtomo clan based in Funai and the area prospered as a key port of trade with Portugalmarker and Ming Dynastymarker China. Ōtomo Sōrin, a famous Christian Daimyo, first introduced western culture. It was in Funai that the first western style hospital was built and the first Japanese choir was formed.

Landmarks and points of interest

Marine Palace AKA "Umi Tamago"
Takasaki Mountain
Takasaki mountain (高崎山) that borders Beppu is famous for wild monkeys, specifically the Japanese Macaque.

At the entrance to the Takasaki-yama park is the "Marine Palace" aquarium, also known as "Umi Tamago", or "Sea Egg".

The Ōita Stadiummarker, also known as Big Eye or Kyushu Oil Dome, is situated along the city expressway. It is the home field of the J. League football club Oita Trinita and is used for large local events.

In the middle of the city, there are many shops and department stores. Some major departmental stores include Tokiwa, Parcomarker, Frespo Kasugaura, and D Plaza. There are also shopping malls in the suburbs, such as Tokiwa Wasada Town and Park Place Oita.

Outside the city, scenic spots include mountain plateaus, seaside villages and towns renowned for onsen (geothermal hot springs).

Ōita is also famous for the intestines of . Ōita is believed to be the only place to serve puffer fish intestines in the world, although they are forbidden by law.


Japan National Route 10 at Oita, Oita
The principal railway station of the city is Ōita Stationmarker where Nippō Main Line, Kyudai Main Line, and Hohi Main Line of JR Kyushu gathers.

Buses are the primary mode of transportation in Oita, run by two main bus service companies. The Oita Bus Company operates bus routes in the city. The Oita Kotsu Company runs north of the city. For long distance bus services, these two companies, as well as Kamenoi Bus Company operate bus routes from Oita to main place of Kyushu, such as Fukuoka and Kumamoto, and Osaka, Tokyomarker and more.

Oita Airportmarker is located nearby, at Kunisakimarker, and can be reached by hovercraft, which takes about 30 minutes. This is the fastest way to the airport as rail and bus services take much longer.

The Oita Expressway, Higashi-Kyushu Expressway, Japan National Route 10 and Japan National Route 210 all run through the city.

Many ships depart from the Port of Oita, to places such as Kansaimarker, and Shikokumarker.


Annual sporting events include:

Sporting events held in Oita include:

Sports teams and facilities

Club Sports League Venue Established
Oita Trinita Football J. League

Division 1
Ōita Stadiummarker 1994(year of starting as Oita Trinity, changed to current name from 1999)
Vasagey Oita Futsal F. League Oita Prefectual General Gymnasium 2003
Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler Volleyball V.League TOTO Oita factory gymnasium (TOTO大分工場体育館) 1996(year of starting as Miyoshi Department of Cardiology EKG, changed to current name from 2006)


Oita City operates all public elementary and junior high schools, while the prefecture operates the high schools.

National Universities

Prefectural University

Private Universities

Famous people from Ōita

See also :Category:People from Ōita .

Sister cities

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