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"(You Drive Me) Crazy" is the third single from pop singer Britney Spears, originally released from her debut album ...Baby One More Time in the third quarter of 1999, but was also later included on her compilation Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. The "The Stop Remix!" was used as the single version and was first included on the original motion picture soundtrack of the film Drive Me Crazy. The soundtrack was released on September 28, 1999. The single version differs from the original album version on ...Baby One More Time, which was recorded a year before in March 1998 in Sweden. On May 12, 1999, Max Martin and Britney Spears came to the Battery Studios in Manhattan, NY and re-recorded the vocals of the original song to the remixed version.The song was written and produced by Per Magnusson, Jörgen Elofsson, David Kreuger & Max Martin in 1998. This dance-based single is about Britney falling head over heels in love with someone, as she proclaims "you drive me crazy".

2002 saw the release of two major-label cover versions of the track. British nu metal band SugarComa released a cover of the track as the second single from their album Becoming Something Else, receiving strong airplay in the UK, and Richard Cheese covered it in a Jazz style on his album Tuxicity.

Commercial performance

You dive me crazy "Crazy" became Spears' second top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number ten for one week, thanks to the heavy airplay it received; the track peaked at number six on the Hot 100 Airplay chart, the highest of any Spears' single to date. However, the single didn't do well in terms of sales, and it failed to chart on the Hot 100 Singles Sales; this can be mainly attributed to the fact that the song was released as a 12" single, and at the time, this format's sales could not compete with those of the regular CD singles. As with Spears' previous two singles, "Crazy" was also a success at Top 40 radio, reaching the top ten of all three charts: the Top 40 Tracks, Mainstream Top 40 and Rhythmic Top 40.

The track also proved to be another international hit, reaching the top five in numerous European nations, including Francemarker, the German-speaking region and the Scandinavian countries. In the official UK Singles Charts, "Crazy" peaked at number five and sold a total of 257,000 copies, becoming eligible for a silver certification by the British Phonographic Industry. However, the single only managed to reach the top twenty this time around in Canadamarker and Australia; Nonetheless, the Australian Recording Industry Association certified the single platinum for shipping 70,000 copies.

Music video

As with the previous two singles released from ...Baby One More Time, the video for "(You Drive Me) Crazy" was also directed by Nigel Dick and managed to retire itself on MTV's TRL. The video was first shown on MTV's Making the Video. The entire concept was Spears' idea. It currently has a 4/5 rating on iTunes based on 80 reviews.

"The Stop Remix!" has a different video with different clips replacing clips from the original.

Shot at the Redondo Beachmarker Power Station in Californiamarker from June 14-15, 1999, the music video for "(You Drive Me) Crazy" begins with Spears as one of several waitress in a restaurant. The waitresses dress to go dancing. Spears goes and changes into a shining green top and black pants (as seen on the single cover above), and then begins an extensive dance scene. Next, she climbs up onto a stage and sings; behind her, the word "CRAZY" is seen shining in bright orange. Actors Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier make cameo appearances in the video as well, due to the fact that the song was remixed, used in, and made to promote their film, Drive Me Crazy. The video also appeared over the end credits of the season four premiere episode of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, also starring Hart, in an episode that Spears also guest starred in. The video is also Spears' longest running on TRL and the longest running by a female artist, staying on the top ten for seventy-three days. The Video debut at number 4 on August 24, 1999.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy" was the second video ever featured on MTV's show Making the Video. The first was "I Do " by 98º.

Release history

Region Date Format
Worldwide August 1999 Radio airplay
Germanymarker September 13, 1999 CD single
United Kingdommarker September 20, 1999
United Statesmarker September 28, 1999 12-inch single
Japanmarker September 29, 1999 CD single

Track listings and versions

Major formats released for "(You Drive Me) Crazy":

U.K. CD single (0550582)
(Released: )
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (Spacedust Dark Dub) — 9:15
  3. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (Spacedust Club Mix) — 7:20

U.K. Cassette single (0550584)
(Released: September 20, 1999 )
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (Main Version) — 3:41

European CD single (0550672)
(Released: September 20, 220 BC)
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix! Instrumental) — 3:16
  3. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (Main Version) — 3:41

French CD single (8963982)
(Released: )
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix! Instrumental) — 3:16

Taiwanese/Hong Kong CD single (0550672)
(Released: )
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (Spacedust Dark Dub) — 9:15
  3. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (Spacedust Club Mix) — 7:20
  4. "Autumn Goodbye" (Main Version) — 3:40

Japanese CD single (AVCZ95137)
(Released: September 29, 1999)
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (Main Version) — 3:41
  3. "...Baby One More Time" (Davidson Ospina Chronicles Dub) — 6:30
  4. "Sometimes" (Soul Solution Drum Dub) — 4:56
  5. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix! Instrumental) — 3:16
  6. "Sometimes" (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) — 8:02

Korean CD single (...Baby One More Time Bonus Disk) (0050582)
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (Spacedust Club Mix) — 7:20
  3. "Sometimes" (Soul Solution - Mid Tempo Mix) — 8:02
  4. "...Baby One More Time" (Davidson Ospina Club Mix) — 5:40
  5. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (Main Version) — 3:41
  6. "I'm So Curious" — 3:35

The Singles Collection Box Single
  1. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (The Stop Remix!) — 3:16
  2. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (Main Version) — 3:41

Remixes and official versions

The following remixes and versions were commercially released.

  • Album Version — 3:18
  • The Stop Remix! — 3:16
  • The Stop Remix! Instrumental — 3:16
  • Jazz Mix1
  • Jazzy Jim's Hip-Hop Mix — 3:40
  • Jazzy Jim's Hip-Hop Bonus Beats — 3:00
  • Lenny Bertoldo X Radio Mix — 3:18
  • Mike Ski's Vocal Mix — 7:44
  • Mike Ski's Crazy Dub — 8:24

  • Mike Ski's Horn Build — 3:03
  • Pimp Juice's Souled Out 4 Tha Suits Vocal Mix — 6:30
  • Pimp Juice's "Donkey Punch" Dub — 7:10
  • Spacedust Radio Mix — 4:16
  • Spacedust Club Mix — 7:33
  • Spacedust Dark Dub — 9:05
  • Spacedust Pop Vocal Mix — 8:21
  • The Rascal Dub — 6:16
  • Johnick Dub — 6:31
  • Lenny Bertoldo X-Mix — 6:58
  • Wade Robson Remix 1:34


Charts and certifications

Chart (1999) Peak
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 12
Austrian Singles Chart 10
Belgian Singles Chart 3
Belgian Singles Chart 1
Canadian Singles Chart 13
Dutch Singles Chart 2
European Hot 100 Singles 2
Finnish Singles Chart 3
French Singles Chart 2
German Singles Chart 4
Irish Singles Chart 3
Italian Singles Chart 8
New Zealand Singles Chart 5
Norwegian Singles Chart 2
Spanish Singles Chart 1
Swedish Singles Chart 2
Swiss Singles Chart 4
UK Singles Chart 5
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 10
U.S. Billboard Mainstream Top 40 4

Annual Charts
Country Position
Australia 41
France (1999) 46
France (2000) 63
Germany 37
Sweden 20
Switzerland 36

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  • Guitar: Esbjörn Öhrwall and Johan Carlberg.
  • Bass: Thomas Lindberg.
  • Background vocals: Jeanette Söderholm, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub and THE FANCHOIR.
  • THE FANCHOIR is Chatrin Nyström, Jeanette Stenhammar, Johanna Stenhammar, Charlotte Björkman and Therese Ancker.
  • Original album version produced by Per Magnusson, David Kreuger and Max Martin for Cheiron Studios.
  • Chreographed by Darrin Henson


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