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Roman Empire

  • Trajan subdues a Jewish revolt (the Kitos War), then falls seriously ill, leaving Hadrian in command of the east.
  • On his death bed, Trajan adopts Hadrian and designates him as his successor.
  • August 9—Emperor Trajan dies, leaving the Roman Empire at its maximal territorial extent.
  • Hadrian, who will reign until 138, succeeds him.
    • Hadrian, a Spaniard like Trajan, is an excellent officer who has had a brilliant career. He is well-cultured man, who as Emperor inaugurates a civil government, giving up the policy of conquest of his predecessor in order to consolidate the empire.
  • Hadrian returns large parts of Mesopotamia to the Parthians as part of a peace settlement.
  • Construction begins on the Pantheonmarker in Rome.

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The Roman Empire reached its maximal extent between 116 and 117 AD.

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