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Year 1436 (MCDXXXVI) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Events of 1436

  • AprilParismarker is recaptured by the French.
  • 25 June – The Incorporated Guild of Smiths is founded in Newcastle upon Tynemarker.
  • July 5 – The Hussite Wars effectively end in Bohemia. Sigismund is accepted as King.
  • Alexandru I Aldea is replaced as ruler of Wallachia by Vlad II Dracul.
  • The Santa Maria del Fioremarker Cathedral in Florencemarker is consecrated.
  • The Bosnian language is first mentioned in a document.
  • Date of the Visokom papers (on Visoki), the last direct sources of the old town of Visoki.
  • In the Ming Empiremarker of Chinamarker, the inauguration of the Zhengtong Emperor takes place.
  • In Ming Dynastymarker China, a significant portion of the southern grain tax is commuted to payments in silver, known as the Gold Floral Silver (jinhuayin). This comes about due to officials' and military generals' increasing demands to be paid in silver instead of grain, as commercial transactions draw more silver into nationwide circulation. Some counties have trouble transporting all the required grain to meet their tax quotas, so it makes sense to pay the government in silver, a medium of exchange that is already abundant amongst landowners through their own private commercial affairs.
  • The Florentinemarker polymath Leon Battista Alberti begins writing the treatise On Painting, in which he argues for the importance of mathematical perspective in the creation of three-dimensional vision on a two-dimensional plane. This follows the ideas of Massacio and his concepts of linear perspective and vanishing point in artwork.



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