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Cardinal One hundred [and]

Ordinal 155th
Factorization 5 \cdot 31
Divisors 1, 5, 31, 155
Roman numeral CLV
Binary 10011011
Hexadecimal 9B

155 (one hundred fifty-five or one hundred and fifty-five) is the natural number following 154 and preceding 156. It is a composite number.

If you add up all the primes between the least and greatest prime factors of 155, that is, 5 and 31, the result is 155.

It follows from the Sylow theorems that every group of order 155 has a normal subgroup of order 31 (hence is not a simple group, and is in fact solvable, thus verifying the odd order theorem), but since 5 \mid (31 - 1) such a group is not necessarily a direct product of cyclic groups. However, it is a semidirect product.

There are 155 primitive permutations of degree 81.

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