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The 1906 French Grand Prix was the first Grand Prix motor race and took place at Le Mansmarker on 26 June 1906.

The Field

32 cars set off at 90-second intervals to complete 12 laps of a circuit on the public roads to the east of the city. The field was led away by Fernand Gabriel's Lorraine-Dietrich.

The Race

At the end of the first lap Vincenzo Lancia's Fiatmarker led the way with a time of 53m42secs. At the end of the second lap Paul Baras led in a Brasier. And by the end of the third it was Ferenc Szisz in his Renault AK 90CV, the most consistent of the drivers, who moved into the lead. After six laps the racing stopped with the cars going into parc fermé and the remaining six laps were completed the following day with Szisz winning for Renault, finishing 32 minutes ahead of Felice Nazzaro's Fiat.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 3A Ferenc Szisz Renault AK 12 12:14:07.4
2 2B Felice Nazzaro FIATmarker 130 hp +32:19.4
3 13A Albert Clément Clément-Bayard 100 hp +35:39.2
4 5B Jules Barillier Brasier 105 hp +1:38:53.0
5 2A Vincenzo Lancia FIATmarker 130 hp +2:08:04.0
6 10A George Heath Panhard 130 +2:33:38.4
7 5A Paul Baras Brasier 105 hp +3:01:43.0
8 1C Arthur Duray Lorraine-Dietrich +3:11:54.6
9 5C "Pierry" Brasier 105 hp +4:01:00.6
10 6A Camille Jenatzy


Alexander Burton
Mercedes 120 +4:04:35.8
11 6B "Mariaux" Mercedes 120 +4:34:44.4
NC 1B Henry Rougier Lorraine-Dietrich 11 +1 Lap
Ret 3C Claude Richez Renault AK 8 Accident
Ret 12C Elliot Shepard Hotchkiss HH 7 Wheel
Ret 7A Louis Rigolly Gobron-Brillié 110 hp 7 Radiator
Ret 4A Victor Hemery Darracq 120 hp 7 Engine
Ret 10C Georges Teste Panhard 130 7 Engine
Ret 2C Aldo Weilschott FIATmarker 130 hp 5 Accident
Ret 6C Vincenzo Florio Mercedes 120 5 Wheels
Ret 3B J. Edmond Renault AK 5 Driver injury
Ret 13B A. Villemain Clément-Bayard 100 hp 5 Wheels
Ret 10B Henri Tart Panhard 130 4
Ret 12C Hubert le Blon Hotchkiss HH 4 Wheel
Ret 13C "De la Touloubre" Clément-Bayard 100 hp 3 Gearbox
Ret 12B Jacques Salleron Hotchkiss HH 2 Accident damage
Ret 4B Louis Wagner Darracq 120 hp 2 Engine
Ret 8A Alessandro Cagno Itala 120 hp 2 Radiator
Ret 8C Pierre de Caters Itala 120 hp 1 Wheel
Ret 1A Fernand Gabriel Lorraine-Dietrich 0 Radius rod
Ret 8B Maurice Fabry Itala 120 hp 0 Accident damage
Ret 9B Xavier Civelli De Bosch Gregoire 70 hp 0 Radiator
Ret 4C Rene Hanriot Darracq 120 hp 0 Engine
DNS 11A Marius Barriaux Vulpes Car overweight


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