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The 1908 Melbourne Carnival was the inaugural Australian National Football Carnival, an Australian rules football interstate competition. It was known at the time as the Jubilee Australasian Football Carnival as it commemorated 50 years of Australian rules football.


The Victoriamarker team was known as the VFL as only players from that league were eligible. They were part of 'Section A' alongside South Australiamarker and Western Australiamarker. 'Section B' consisted of the weaker states in New South Walesmarker, Queenslandmarker, and Tasmaniamarker. They were joined for the only time in carnival history, by a team representing New Zealandmarker.


Victorian Football League players to take part in the carnival included Barclay Bailes, George Bruce, Bill Busbridge, Harvey Kelly, Rod McGregor, Dave McNamara, Robert Nash and Joe Pearce. Western Australia had future Hall of Famers Phillip Matson and Nipper Truscott as well as North Fremantle's Sam Gravenall. Key players for South Australia were Jack Tredrea and Magarey Medal winners Jack Mack and James Tierney.


Nipper Truscott
Bill Busbridge
Dave McNamara
Game One
Team Score
New Zealand 9.9 (63)
New South Wales 8.14 (62)

Game Three
Team Score
VFL 25.21 (171)
New Zealand 5.10 (40)

Game Five
Team Score
Western Australia 8.11 (59)
South Australia 8.5 (53)

Game Seven
Team Score
Western Australia 17.12 (114)
New South Wales 12.3 (75)

Game Nine
Team Score
New South Wales 13.15 (93)
Queensland 8.11 (59)

Game Eleven
Team Score
VFL 13.22 (100)
Western Australia 6.8 (44)
Game Two
Team Score
Tasmania 22.22 (154)
Queensland 2.2 (14)

Game Four
Team Score
Tasmania 8.14 (62)
New South Wales 4.11 (35)

Game Six
Team Score
New Zealand 6.12 (48)
Queensland 4.11 (35)

Game Eight
Team Score
VFL 10.15 (75)
South Australia 2.14 (26)

Game Ten
Team Score
South Australia 16.20 (116)
Tasmania 7.7 (49)

Game Twelve
Team Score
Tasmania 11.18 (84)
New Zealand 1.12 (18)
  • Section A winner - VFL
  • Section B winner - Tasmania


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