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The 1926 Grand Prix season was the second AIACR World Manufacturers' Championship season. The championship was won by Bugattimarker.

Season Review

World Championship Grands Prix

Name Circuit Date Winning drivers Winning constructor Report
Indianapolis 500marker Indianapolismarker May 31 Frank Lockhart Miller Report
French Grand Prixmarker Miramasmarker June 27 Jules Goux Bugattimarker Report
San Sebastián Grand Prix/European Grand Prixmarker Lasarte July 18 Jules Goux Bugattimarker Report
British Grand Prixmarker Brooklandsmarker August 7 Robert Sénéchal
Louis Wagner
Delage Report
Italian Grand Prixmarker Monzamarker September 5 Louis Charavel Bugattimarker Report

Other Grands Prix

Name Circuit Date Winning driver Winning constructor Report
Pozzo Circuit Veronamarker March 21 Alessandro Consonno Bugattimarker Report
Rome Grand Prix Valle Giulia March 28 Aymo Maggi Bugattimarker Report
Provence Grand Prix Miramasmarker March 28 Henry Segrave Talbot Report
Alessandriamarker Circuit Alessandriamarker April 4 Giovanni Alloatti Bugattimarker Report
Coppa Florio Madoniemarker April 25 Meo Constantini Bugattimarker Report
Targa Floriomarker Madoniemarker April 25 Meo Constantini Bugattimarker Report
Coppa Vinci Messinamarker May 2 Renato Balestrero O.M. Report
Tripoli Grand Prix Tripolimarker May 2 François Eysermann Bugattimarker Report
Savio Circuit Ravennamarker May 23 Gastone Brilli-Peri Ballot Report
Perugia Cup Perugiamarker May 30 Emilio Materassi Itala Report
Mugello Circuit Mugello June 27 Emilio Materassi Itala Report
Camaioremarker Circuit Camaioremarker July 18 Baconin Borzacchini Salmson Report
Spanish Grand Prixmarker Lasarte July 25 Meo Constantini Bugattimarker Report
Grand Prix de la Marne Reims-Gueuxmarker July 25 François Lescot Bugattimarker Report
Grand Prix du Comminges Saint-Gaudensmarker August 1 Louis Chiron Bugattimarker Report
Coppa Acerbo Pescaramarker August 7 Luigi Spinozzi Bugattimarker Report
Coppa Montenero Montenero August 15 Emilio Materassi Itala Report
Boulognemarker Grand Prix Boulognemarker August 28 George Eyston Bugattimarker Report
La Baulemarker Grand Prix La Baulemarker August 28 Louis Wagner Delage Report
Milanmarker Grand Prix Monzamarker September 12 Meo Constantini Bugattimarker Report
Solituderennen Solitude September 12 Otto Merz Mercedes Report
Junior Car Club 200 mile race Brooklandsmarker September 25 Henry Segrave Delage Report
Grand Prix du Salon Montlhérymarker October 17 Albert Divo Talbot Report
Garda Circuit Salòmarker October 17 Aymo Maggi Bugattimarker Report

Championship Final Standings

Note: To be eligible for the championship, manufacturers had to take part in two World Championship Grands Prix.
Pos Manufacturer 500 FRA SSN GBR ITA Pts
1 Bugattimarker 1 1 2 1 11
2 Delage 2 1 21
Miller 1 25
Duesenberg 5 28
Eldridge Special Ret 29
Fengler Ret 29
Schmidt Ret 29
Ford Ret 29
Talbot Ret 29
Halford Special Ret 29
Aston Martin Ret 29
Chiribiri Ret 29
Maseratimarker Ret 29
Pos Manufacturer 500 FRA SSN GBR ITA Pts


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