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The 1991 NHL Entry Draft was held on June 22 at the Memorial Auditoriummarker in Buffalo, New Yorkmarker. A total of 264 players were drafted. The draft was famous for the controversy surrounding star first overall draft pick, touted by some observers to be The Next One, Eric Lindros, who was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques but immediately refused to sign a contract. What followed was the biggest trade in NHL history, which the Philadelphia Flyers used to acquire Lindros, in the process trading away future superstar Peter Forsberg.

Selections by round

Below are listed the selections in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft and which team made the selection.

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Round one

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
1 Eric Lindros Centre Quebec Nordiques Oshawa Generals (OHL)
2 Pat Falloon Right Wing San Jose Sharks Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
3 Scott Niedermayer Defence New Jersey Devils Kamloops Blazers (WHL)
4 Scott Lachance Defence New York Islanders Boston University (Hockey East)
5 Aaron Ward Defence Winnipeg Jets University of Michigan (CCHA)
6 Peter Forsberg Centre Philadelphia Flyers Modo Hockey (Elitserien)
7 Alek Stojanov Right Wing Vancouver Canucks Hamilton Dukes (OHL)
8 Richard Matvichuk Defence Minnesota North Stars Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
9 Patrick Poulin Left Wing Hartford Whalers Saint-Hyacinthe Laser (QMJHL)
10 Martin Lapointe Right Wing Detroit Red Wings Laval Titan (QMJHL)
11 Brian Rolston Right Wing New Jersey Devils Detroit Compuware Ambassadors (NAHL)
12 Tyler Wright Centre Edmonton Oilers Swift Current Broncos (WHL)
13 Philippe Boucher Defence Buffalo Sabres Granby Bisons (QMJHL)
14 Pat Peake Centre Washington Capitals Detroit Compuware Ambassadors (OHL)
15 Alexei Kovalev Right wing New York Rangers HC Dynamo Moscow (USSR)
16 Markus Naslund Left wing Pittsburgh Penguins Modo Hockey (Elitserien)
17 Brent Bilodeau Defence Montreal Canadiens Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)
18 Glen Murray Right wing Boston Bruins Sudbury Wolves (OHL)
19 Niklas Sundblad Right Wing Calgary Flames AIK (Elitserien)
20 Martin Rucinsky Right wing Edmonton Oilers HC CHZ Litvínov (Czech)
21 Trevor Halverson Right Wing Washington Capitals North Bay Centennials (OHL)
22 Dean McAmmond Centre Chicago Blackhawks Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)

Round two

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
23 Ray Whitney Left Wing San Jose Sharks Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
24 Rene Corbet Left Wing Quebec Nordiques Drummondville Voltigeurs (QMJHL)
25 Eric Lavigne Defence Washington Capitals Hull Olympiques (QMJHL)
26 Zigmund Palffy Right Wing New York Islanders Nitra (Czech)
27 Steve Staios Defence St. Louis Blues Niagara Falls Thunder (OHL)
28 Jim Campbell Right Wing Montreal Canadiens Northwood Prep (New York)
29 Jassen Cullimore Defence Vancouver Canucks Peterborough Petes (OHL)
30 Sandis Ozolinsh Defence San Jose Sharks Dynamo Riga (Latvia)
31 Martin Hamrlik Hartford Whalers
32 Jamie Pushor Defence Detroit Red Wings
33 Donevan Hextall New Jersey Devils
34 Andrew Verner Edmonton Oilers
35 Jason Dawe Buffalo Sabres
36 Jeff Nelson Washington Capitals
37 Darcy Werenka New York Rangers
38 Rusty Fitzgerald Pittsburgh Penguins
39 Mike Pomichter Chicago Blackhawks (from Montreal Canadiens)
40 Jozef Stumpel Center Boston Bruins
41 Francois Groleau Calgary Flames
42 Guy Leveque Los Angeles Kings
43 Craig Darby Montreal Canadiens
44 Jamie Matthews Chicago Blackhawks

Round three

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
45 Dody Wood San Jose Sharks
46 Rich Brennan Quebec Nordiques
47 Yanic Perreault Right wing Toronto Maple Leafs
48 Jamie McLennan Goalie New York Islanders
49 Dmitri Filimonov Winnipeg Jets
50 Yanick Dupre Philadelphia Flyers
51 Sean Pronger Vancouver Canucks
52 Sandy McCarthy Calgary Flames
53 Todd Hall Hartford Whalers
54 Chris Osgood Goalie Detroit Red Wings
55 Fredrik Lindquist New Jersey Devils
56 George Breen Edmonton Oilers
57 Jason Young Buffalo Sabres
58 Steve Konowalchuk Washington Capitals
59 Michael Nylander Centre Hartford Whalers
60 Shane Peacock Pittsburgh Penguins
61 Yves Sarault Montreal Canadiens
62 Marcel Cousineau Boston Bruins
63 Brian Caruso Calgary Flames
64 Kyle Reeves St. Louis Blues
65 Nathan LaFayette St. Louis Blues
66 Bobby House Chicago Blackhawks

Round four

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
67 Kerry Toporowski San Jose Sharks
68 Dave Karpa Defence Quebec Nordiques
69 Terry Chitaroni Toronto Maple Leafs
70 Milan Hnilicka Goalie New York Islanders
71 Igor Kravchuk Defence Chicago Blackhawks
72 Peter Ambroziak Buffalo Sabres
73 Vladimir Vujtek Montreal Canadiens
74 Mike Torchia Minnesota North Stars
75 Jim Storm Hartford Whalers
76 Mike Knuble Detroit Red Wings
77 Brad Willner New Jersey Devils
78 Mario Nobili Edmonton Oilers
79 Keith Redmond Los Angeles Kings
80 Justin Morrison Washington Capitals
81 Alexei Zhitnik Defence Los Angeles Kings Sokil Kyiv (USSR)
82 Joe Tamminen Pittsburgh Penguins
83 Sylvain LaPointe Montreal Canadiens
84 Brad Tiley Boston Bruins
85 Steve Magnusson Calgary Flames
86 Aris Brimanis Philadelphia Flyers
87 Grayden Reid St. Louis Blues
88 Chris Boyer Goalie Pittsburgh Penguins

Round five

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
89 Dan Ryder San Jose Sharks
90 Patrick Labrecque Quebec Nordiques
91 Juha Ylonen Winnipeg Jets
92 Steve Junker New York Islanders
93 Ryan Haggerty Edmonton Oilers
94 Yanick Degrace Philadelphia Flyers
95 Dan Kesa Vancouver Canucks
96 Corey Machanic New York Rangers
97 Mike Kennedy Minnesota North Stars
98 Dmitri Motkov Detroit Red Wings
99 Yan Kaminsky Winnipeg Jets
100 Brad Layzell Montreal Canadiens
101 Steve Shields Goaltender Buffalo Sabres
102 Alexei Kudashov Toronto Maple Leafs
103 Bill Lindsay Quebec Nordiques
104 Rob Melanson Pittsburgh Penguins
105 Tony Prpic Montreal Canadiens
106 Mariusz Czerkawski Right Wing Boston Bruins GKS Tychy (Poland)
107 Jerome Butler Calgary Flames
108 Pauli Jaks Los Angeles Kings
109 Jeff Callinan St. Louis Blues
110 Maco Balkovec Chicago Blackhawks

Round six

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
111 Fredrik Nilsson San Jose Sharks
112 Kevin St. Jacques Chicago Blackhawks
113 Jeff Perry Toronto Maple Leafs
114 Rob Valicevic New York Islanders
115 Jeff Sebastian Winnipeg Jets
116 Clayton Norris Philadelphia Flyers
117 Evgeny Namestnikov Vancouver Canucks
118 Mark Lawrence Minnesota North Stars
119 Mike Harding Hartford Whalers
120 Alexander Kuzminski Toronto Maple Leafs
121 Curtis Regnier New Jersey Devils
122 Dmitri Yushkevich Philadelphia Flyers
123 Sean O'Donnell Buffalo Sabres
124 Brian Holzinger Buffalo Sabres
125 Fredrik Jax New York Rangers
126 Brian Clifford Pittsburgh Penguins
127 Oleg Petrov Montreal Canadiens
128 Barry Young New York Rangers
129 Bobby Marshall Calgary Flames
130 Brett Seguin Los Angeles Kings
131 Bruce Gardiner St. Louis Blues
132 Jacques Auger Chicago Blackhawks

Round seven

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
133 Jaroslav Otevrel San Jose Sharks
134 Mikael Johansson Quebec Nordiques
135 Martin Prochazka Toronto Maple Leafs
136 Andreas Johansson New York Islanders
137 Geoff Finch Minnesota North Stars
138 Andrei Lomakin Philadelphia Flyers
139 Brent Thurston Vancouver Canucks
140 Matt Hoffman Calgary Flames
141 Brian Mueller Hartford Whalers
142 Sean Muswagon Detroit Red Wings
143 Dave Craievich New Jersey Devils
144 David Oliver Edmonton Oilers
145 Chris Snell Buffalo Sabres
146 Dave Morissette Washington Capitals
147 John Rushin New York Rangers
148 Ed Patterson Pittsburgh Penguins
149 Brady Kramer Montreal Canadiens
150 Gary Golczewski Boston Bruins
151 Kelly Harper Calgary Flames
152 Kelly Fairchild Los Angeles Kings
153 Terry Hollinger St. Louis Blues
154 Scott Kirton Chicago Blackhawks

Round eight

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
155 Dean Grillo San Jose Sharks
156 Janne Laukkanen Quebec Nordiques
157 Aaron Asp Quebec Nordiques
158 Todd Sparks New York Islanders
159 Jeff Ricciardi Winnipeg Jets
160 Dmitri Mironov Toronto Maple Leafs
161 Eric Johnson Vancouver Canucks
162 Jiri Kuntos Buffalo Sabres
163 Steven Yule Hartford Whalers
164 Robb McIntyre Toronto Maple Leafs
165 Paul Wolanski New Jersey Devils
166 Gary Kitching Edmonton Oilers
167 Tomas Kucharcik Toronto Maple Leafs
168 Rick Corriveau Washington Capitals
169 Corey Hirsch New York Rangers
170 Peter McLaughlin Pittsburgh Penguins
171 Brian Savage Montreal Canadiens
172 Jay Moser Boston Bruins
173 David St. Pierre Calgary Flames
174 Michael Burkett Minnesota North Stars
175 Chris Kenady St. Louis Blues
176 Roch Belley Chicago Blackhawks

Round nine

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
177 Corwin Saurdiff San Jose Sharks
178 Adam Bartell Quebec Nordiques
179 Guy Lehoux Toronto Maple Leafs
180 John Johnson New York Islanders
181 Sean Gauthier Winnipeg Jets
182 Jim Bode Philadelphia Flyers
183 David Neilson Vancouver Canucks
184 Derek Herlofsky Minnesota North Stars
185 Chris Belanger Hartford Whalers
186 Jim Bermingham Detroit Red Wings
187 Dan Reimann New Jersey Devils
188 Brent Brekke Quebec Nordiques
189 Tony Iob Buffalo Sabres
190 Trevor Duhaime Washington Capitals
191 Vyacheslav Uvayev New York Rangers
192 Jeff Lembke Pittsburgh Penguins
193 Scott Fraser Montreal Canadiens
194 Dan Hodge Boston Bruins
195 David Struch Calgary Flames
196 Craig Brown Los Angeles Kings
197 Jed Fiebelkorn St. Louis Blues
198 Scott MacDonald Chicago Blackhawks

Round ten

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
199 Dale Craigwell San Jose Sharks
200 Paul Koch Quebec Nordiques
201 Gary Miller Toronto Maple Leafs
202 Rob Canavan New York Islanders
203 Igor Ulanov Winnipeg Jets
204 Josh Bartell Philadelphia Flyers
205 Brad Barton Vancouver Canucks
206 Tom Nemeth Minnesota North Stars
207 Jason Currie Hartford Whalers
208 Jason Firth Detroit Red Wings
209 Rob Leask Washington Capitals
210 Vegar Barlie Edmonton Oilers
211 Spencer Meany Buffalo Sabres
212 Carl LeBlanc Washington Capitals
213 Jamie Ram New York Rangers
214 Chris Tok Pittsburgh Penguins
215 Greg MacEachern Montreal Canadiens
216 Steve Norton Boston Bruins
217 Sergei Zolotov Calgary Flames
218 Mattias Olsson Los Angeles Kings
219 Chris MacKenzie St. Louis Blues
220 Alexander Andrijevski Chicago Blackhawks

Round eleven

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
221 Aaron Kriss San Jose Sharks
222 Doug Friedman Quebec Nordiques
223 Jonathan Kelley Toronto Maple Leafs
224 Markus Thuresson New York Islanders
225 Jason Jennings Winnipeg Jets
226 Neil Little Philadelphia Flyers
227 Jason Fitzsimmons Vancouver Canucks
228 Shayne Green Minnesota North Stars
229 Mike Santonelli Hartford Whalers
230 Bart Turner Detroit Red Wings
231 Kevin Riehl New Jersey Devils
232 Evgeny Belosheiken Edmonton Oilers
233 Mikhail Volkov Buffalo Sabres
234 Rob Puchniak Washington Capitals
235 Vitali Chinakhov New York Rangers
236 Paul Dyck Pittsburgh Penguins
237 P. J. Lepler Montreal Canadiens
238 Steve Lombardi Boston Bruins
239 Marko Jantunen Calgary Flames
240 Andre Boulianne Los Angeles Kings
241 Kevin Rappana St. Louis Blues
242 Ari Louis Chicago Blackhawks

Round twelve

Pick # Player Position Nationality NHL team College/junior/club team
243 Mikhail Kravets San Jose Sharks
244 Eric Meloche Quebec Nordiques
245 Chris O'Rourke Toronto Maple Leafs
246 Marty Schriner New York Islanders
247 Sergei Sorokin Winnipeg Jets
248 John Parco Philadelphia Flyers
249 Xavier Majic Vancouver Canucks
250 Jukka Suomalainen Minnesota North Stars
251 Rob Peters Hartford Whalers
252 Andrew Miller Detroit Red Wings
253 Jason Hehr New Jersey Devils
254 Juha Riihijarvi Edmonton Oilers
255 Michael Smith Buffalo Sabres
256 Bill Kovacs Washington Capitals
257 Brian Wiseman New York Rangers
258 Pasi Huura Pittsburgh Penguins
259 Dale Hooper Montreal Canadiens
260 Torsten Kienass Boston Bruins
261 Andrei Trefilov Calgary Flames
262 Mike Gaul Los Angeles Kings
263 Mike Veisor St. Louis Blues
264 Scott Dean Chicago Blackhawks

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