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1 vs. 100 is a game show created by Endemol that is aired in several countries. The game pits one person against 100 others for a chance to win a large cash prize. The game first aired in the Netherlandsmarker as Eén tegen 100, sponsored by the Nationale Postcode Loterij (National Postal Code Lottery).

General format

In all versions of 1 vs. 100, one player is selected to play the game as The One against 100 other people, collectively known as The Mob (or what "Mob" translates to in the local language). Depending on the format of the game, the player can be selected randomly from the Mob, or selected independently. To win the game outright, the One must eliminate all 100 members of the Mob by answering questions correctly.

After having the opportunity to select a difficulty level or a category in some versions, a multiple-choice question with three options is revealed (on some versions, such as the U.S. and Australia, the player is given only the question, with no opportunity to select a difficulty and a category). The Mob is given a short amount of time (15 seconds on the US show, 6 seconds for other versions, such as Australia) to lock in their answer before The One is given the opportunity to answer the question. If the One is correct, all Mob members that answered the question incorrectly are eliminated from further play, bringing the lone contestant closer to winning the game. The amount of money in the contestant's bank also increases by an amount dependent on the number of mob members eliminated in that question. If the contestant eliminates all 100 mob members, he or she claims all the money in the bank or a fixed top prize.However, if the One is incorrect, the game ends and he or she leaves with nothing. In some versions, the remaining members of the Mob split the losing contestant's winnings.

The One can select from a limited number of "helps", "escapes" or "dodges" depending on the version; escapes or dodges exempt the player from having to answer the question, but part of the bank must be forfeited (except in France, see below). Alternatively, a player can obtain more information on the mob's answers by using one of the "helps". In some versions of the game, the contestant is given the opportunity to take the amount in the bank and leave the game in between questions.

Some versions even have "jokers", mob members who are worth a certain amount rather than the standard amount for the question should they be eliminated after a question is answered correctly. There are usually three on versions that have them.


Unlike the European (and Hong Kong) versions of the show, there are no "escapes" or "doublers" on the American version of the show. Instead, each player receives opportunities to receive assistance from the mob, known as "helps". Originally there were two helps, which could only be used in order. Starting with the sixth episode, a third option was added, the three helps were given names, and players could choose any of the three at any point in the game.

  • During "Poll The Mob" (originally the first help), the player selects one of the three answers about which to get more information — though this is not necessarily the contestant's answer. The number of "mob" players who chose that answer is revealed, and the contestant chooses one of the revealed mob members to discuss his or her response.

  • For "Ask The Mob" (originally the second help) two mob members are randomly selected: one who answered correctly and one who answered incorrectly. Each explains his or her decision to the contestant. This also eliminates the third choice from consideration. It is unknown what would happen if a contestant requested to use this help but everyone in the mob either got the question right or wrong.

  • For "Trust The Mob" (added in episode 6) the most popular answer the mob gave is revealed. The contestant is then committed to this answer.

The American show has also incorporated the "Sneak Peek," which allows a player to see their next question (but not the three answers) before deciding whether or not to answer the next question. This only applies when a player is out of helps. The sneak peek was used briefly towards the end of two games that were broadcast in 2007, but the producers' choice to use this had nothing to do with the status of the player's helps; it was because the player had eliminated 90 or more members of the mob.

Change in set design on the American version

The 2008 season brought a noticeable change to the set of 1 vs. 100: the wall of mob members has a gaping hole containing a screen on which the question is shown, while the old digital board used for questions now simply sports the show's logo.

International variants

Country Name Host Network Date premiered' Prize
Arab World واحد يواجه مئة Unknown Abu Dhabi TV 2010 AED1.000.000
1 vs. 100 Eddie McGuire Nine Network 2007 AU$1.000.000
1 gegen 100 Klaus Eberhartinger ORF 2008
Один против всех Georgii Koldun ОНТ 2007 50.000.000 Belarusian ruble
1 vs. 100 Koen Wauters VTM
1 contra 100 Roberto Justus SBT 2009 R$1.000.000
unknown Niki Kanchev Nova Television 2007 100.000 lev
以一敌百 Wang Han Hunan Satellite Television 2008 1.000.000 yuang
1 protiv 100 Tarik Filipović HRT
1 proti 100 Roman Šmucler TV Nova
1 mod 100 Peter Schmeichel TV3 2007 2.000.000 DKK
Un contre 100 Benjamin Castaldi TF1marker 2007 €1.000.000
Einer gegen 100 Linda de Mol
Wolfram Kons
2002 €100.000
Monomaxos Xristos Feredinos Star Channel
Egy a 100 ellen Sváby András TV2 2007 50.000.000 Ft
以一敌百 Wyman Wong ATV HK$200.000
אחד נגד מאה
Ehad Neged Meah
Avri Gilad Channel 2 2007 1.000.000 NIS
1 contro 100 Amadeus Canale 5 2007 €200.000
Eén Tegen Honderd Caroline Tensen RTL 4 2002
Alle mot en Øyvind Mund TV2 2006 NOK 500.000
1 vs.100 Edu Manzano ABS-CBN 2007 P2.000.000
1 kontra 100 Zygmunt Chajzer Polsat 2008
1 contra Todos José Carlos Malato RTP1 2007 €250.000
Один против всех Alexandr Nuzhdin TV Center 2007 1.000.000 Rubles
1 protiv 100 ? RTV Pink 2007 3.000.000 RSD
1 대 100
l dae baek
Son bum-su KBS2marker 2007 50.000.000 won
1 contra 100 Carlos Sobera Antena 3 2006 €60.000
Alla mot en TV4
1 gegen 100 Susanne Kunz SF 1 2008
1 ต่อ 100
1 tor 100
Tin Chokekamolkij TV3 2008 THB500.000
1'e Karsi 100 Tamer Karadagli Cine5 unknown YTL500.000
1 vs. 100 Dermot O'Leary
Ben Shephard
BBC One 2006
1 vs. 100 Bob Saget NBC 2006 US$1.000.000
Đấu trường 100
Arena 100
Thái Hồng Tuấn VTV3 2008

List of people who beat the mob

On January 4, 2008, NBC aired a special, 1 vs. 100: Battle of the Sexes. Jason Luna eliminated the last 15 women in the mob with one question (What is the most popular card-giving holiday according to Hallmark? - the answer was Christmas, and incorrect answers were Mother's Day and Valentine's Day) and won $1,000,000. (or UK£500,000)

Also, as seen in the article:

  • Two people in Belarusmarker won BR50,000,000 (or US$18,000)

  • Two people in Bulgariamarker won 100,000 BGN (or US$76,000).

  • Three people in Croatiamarker (Sandra Filipčić,Davor Šišović and Siniša Belina) won 247,090/260,859/317,435 HRK (or US$50,000/US$53,000/US$68,947).

  • Eleven people in Francemarker won 200,000 (or US$295,000).

  • One person in Germanymarker (Marc Lucas) won €100,000 (or US$156,480).

  • Eleven people in Hong Kongmarker beat all the mobs. The first one was Louis Hung(孔令慈) at the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winners special, the biggest winner was Steven Ng(伍耀泉) who won HK$603,933 (or US$77,000).

  • Six people in Italymarker (Giorgio Cascini, Marco Cito, Antonio Capelli, Fabio D'Souza, Maurizio Biscàro and Isabella Marchetto) won €200,000.

  • eight people in Koreamarker (Jeong Young-Jin, Lee Wook-Ryun, Kim Joon-Gyum, Shin Eun-Im, Kim Gyung-Mok, Lee Jae-Wook, Park Ji-Sun (received 25,000,000 won due to miss the double chance question), and Park Sang-Hum) won 50,000,000 won (or US$53,000).

  • Two people in the Philippinesmarker won P2,000,000 (or US$49,000). First is comedian Reynold "Pooh" Garcia on a 1 vs 100 Kids special and Jay Contreras, from the band Kamikazee, on a 1 vs. 100 Gays special.

  • Six people in the United Kingdommarker won a £50,000 (or US$99,000) bonus after beating the mob and answering one final question correctly. Another person beat the mob, but rather than answer the bonus question, he took home over £16,000.

Video games

A video game adaptation of the show was released for the Nintendo DS on July 3, 2008. A version that was released in Spring 2009 over Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade (currently in open beta in Canada as of May 8, 2009, the U.S. as of June 1, 2009 and the UK as of July 10, 2009). A mobile video game adaptation of the show has been released for cell phones, developed by Gameloft.

In 2008, Jakks Pacific released a TV Games version of 1 vs. 100.

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