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The year 2001 in television involved some significant events.Below is a list of television-related events in 2001.


Date Event
January 1 Digital television officially begins in Australia
January 18 Channel 4 launches E4, a digital entertainment channel, at 8.15pm.
January 22 News at Ten returns to ITV, having been axed two years earlier. It is once again presented by Trevor McDonald.
March 26 WCW Monday Nitro airs it's final show from Panama City Beachmarker, Floridamarker with a simulcast with the WWF's (Now WWE's) Monday Night RAW television show, officially ending a six year ratings battle in professional wrestling known as the Monday Night Wars.
June 18 Luke and Laura Spencer, widely regarded as the soap opera pairing that helped coin the term "supercouple", signed divorce papers on General Hospital, dissolving their fictional two-decade union.
July 11 ONdigital is rebranded ITV Digital.
August 5 RHI Entertainment acquires The Jim Henson Company's half of Odyssey Network.
August 11 ITV in the UKmarker changes its name to ITV1, due to the growing number of other ITV services, including ITV2, ITV Digital, and the ITV Sport Channel, which launches on the same day.
September 1 All four commercial television stations in Vancouver, British Columbia change network affiliations, the largest such change in a single market in television history.
September 3 Discovery Kids Canada launches in Canada.
September 7 BBC Canada, G4 Canada, TV Land Canada and many other Canadian channels launches in Canadamarker.
September 8 Fox airs the final episode of the game show Murder in Small Town X, in which New York Citymarker firefighter Angel L. Juarbe, Jr. won. Juarbe was killed on Sept. 11 during the collapse of the World Trade Centermarker.
September 11 Viewers around the world witness a terrorist attack on the United Statesmarker, and the collapse of the Twin Towersmarker towers in New York Citymarker, live on television. Additionally, the ABC and NBC affiliates' broadcast towers are knocked out by the attacks, but New Yorkers can still view them on cable and satellite. Most broadcasters abandon regular programming - American networks for more than a week - and numerous major daily talk shows go off the air for several weeks until their hosts feel comfortable in returning to the airwaves.
September 17 The game show Card Sharks is revived with host Pat Bullard, but due to its dramatically different gameplay, it disappears after just 13 weeks.
September 20 Dr. Will Kirby is crowned the winner of Big Brother 2, which was delayed by the attacks of September 11, 2001. Runner-Up Nicole Nilson-Schafrich wins $50,000.
September 21 All four major US networks air America: A Tribute to Heroes a two-hour telethon to raise money for the families of those killed in the attacks.
September 24 The start of the 2001-2002 fall season in the US is delayed as a result of the attacks, with some shows such as The West Wing substituting special episodes dealing with the event in lieu of their originally scheduled season premieres. Some series, such as the military-themed JAG and New York-based Third Watch have to be retooled to encompass the aftermath of the attacks.
Late September Although they were first seen in 1952 and used by some television news programs ever since, continually scrolling news headlines along the bottom of the screen become commonplace after the Fox News Channel used it to allow viewers to keep track of the latest developments during the attacks.
November 5 BBC 2W, a new digital channel for Walesmarker, is launched.
November 19 BBC Two introduces a new set of four computer generated idents at 7.00am, replacing the previous set of over 20 (four of which dating back to 1991). ITV2 rebrands on the same day.
November 30 The Series Finale of CG cartoon series ReBoot airs. Finishes on Cliffhanger.
December 22 The pilot for Harry Hill's TV Burp is aired on ITV1. The first full series is shown from November next year.
December 25 Only Fools and Horses returns for the first of three Christmas specials after previously ending in 1996. The special (If They Could See Us Now) gets 21.35 million viewers, the UK's highest rated show in both 2001 and the entire decade as of 2007.
Concert For New York: A Tribute To Heroes airs on VH1, with performances by Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Joel and others. It raises funds for the families of those killed in the attacks.
In addition, several planned series and events were cancelled; most notably, a mini-series planned for spring 2002, which would have united the cast of Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, dealing with a terrorist attack on New York City.
Canadamarker rolls out dozens of new digital cable channels (see List of Canadian digital television channels for complete list).
Canadianmarker sports network TSN changes its logo to match with ESPN's though the N isn't slashed.


The Molepremiers on ABC(2001-2004, 2008)
January 10 Grounded for Life premieres on Fox (2001-2005)
January 12 Lizzie McGuire premieres on Disney Channel (2001-2004).
January 20 The New Woody Woodpecker Show premieres on January 20 Bavariannoying / Kitchen Magician / Cheap Seats Woody (Season 2: 2000-2001)
January 27 The Zeta Project premieres on Kids' WB (2001-2002), later reruns to the Cartoon Network on 2003.
February 3 Lloyd In Space premieres on ABC (2001-2004).
February 3 Power Rangers: Time Force premieres on Fox (2001).
March 4 The Lone Gunmen premieres on Fox. The show was cancelled in May.
March 28 My Wife and Kids premieres on ABC (2001-2005).
March 30 The Fairly OddParents (2001-present) and Invader ZIM (2001-2006) premiere on Nickelodeon.
April 4 That's My Bush! premieres on Comedy Central. The show was cancelled in May.
June 2 Braceface premieres on Fox Family/ABC Family (2001-2006).
June 3 Six Feet Under premieres on HBO (2001-2005).
June 11 Fear Factor premieres on NBC (2001-2006).
June 12 Witchblade premieres on TNT (2001-2002)
June 20 JR Digs premieres on CHCHmarker in Hamiltonmarker, Ontariomarker as a paid advertisement (2001-present).
July 5 Big Brother 2 premieres on CBS (2000-present).
July 7 Ultraman Cosmos premieres on TBSmarker in Japan (2001-2002).
August 10 Samurai Jack debuts on Cartoon Network (2001-2004)
August 11 Cubix: Robots for Everyone premieres on Kids' WB! (2001-2003)
August 20 The US dub of Dragon Ball premieres on Cartoon Network (2001-2003).
August 24 Grim and Evil premieres on Cartoon Network (2001-present).
September 2 Adult Swim, a line-up on Cartoon Network, premieres on that channel (2001-present).
September 3 One on One premieres on UPN (2001-2006)
September 5 The Amazing Race premieres on CBS (2001-present).
September 17 The short-lived revival of Card Sharks premieres on syndication (2001-2002).
September 22 The Saturday Show premieres on BBC One (2001-2005).
September 22 What's with Andy? premieres on Teletoon (2001-2007)
September 25 The Guardian premieres on CBS (2001-2004).
September 26 Enterprise premieres on UPN. The show was run under this name for the first two seasons; then it was renamed Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005).
September 29 Yu-Gi-Oh! debuts on Kids' WB! (2001-2006), along with The Mummy: The Animated Series (2001-2003) and The Nightmare Room (2001-2002).
September 30 Alias premieres on ABC and CTV (2001-2006).
September 30 Law & Order: Criminal Intent premieres on NBC (2001-present).
October 1 Reba premieres on The WB (2001-2007)
October 2 Scrubs debuts on NBC (2001-2009).
October 3 According to Jim, starring James Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith, premieres on ABC (2001-2008).
October 5 Pop Idol premieres in the UK on ITV1; the talent contest becomes an international phenomenon as dozens of countries crown their own Idols (2001-2003).
October 6 Mutant X premieres (2001-2004).
October 14 Men, Women & Dogs premieres on The WB (2001)
October 16 Smallville premieres on the WB (2001-2009).
October 22 Pardon the Interruption premieres on ESPN (2001-present).
November 2 Sailor Moon R - The Movie: Promise Of The Rose premieres on Cartoon Network.
November 6 24 premieres on Fox (2001-present).
November 8 Living with Lydia debuts on Channel 5
November 9 Sailor Moon S - The Movie: Hearts In Ice premieres on Cartoon Network.
November 14 The Bernie Mac Show premieres on Fox (2001-2006).
November 16 Sailor Moon SuperS - The Movie: Black Dream Hole premieres on Cartoon Network.
November 17 Justice League premieres on Cartoon Network. (2001-2004)
November 26 Richard & Judy premieres on Channel 4. (2001-2008)
November 29 What Not to Wear premieres on BBC Two. (2001-2007)
December 31 Ransom Premieres on Movie Extra

Television shows








Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 14 The Jamie Foxx Show 1996
March 4 La Femme Nikita 1997
March 7 Bette 2000
March 23 Blockbusters (UK) 2000
March 21 WCW Thunder 1998
March 26 WCW Monday Nitro bought out by WWF. 1995
April 6 The Norm Show 1999
May 4 Nash Bridges 1996
May 11 Diagnosis Murder 1993
May 14 Baywatch 1989
May 14 Moesha 1996
May 16 Two Guys and a Girl 1998
May 19 Walker, Texas Ranger 1993
May 20 The PJs 1999
May 22 3rd Rock from the Sun 1996
May 23 Star Trek: Voyager 1995
June 22 The Famous Jett Jackson 1998
July 3 Masterchef (UK) 1990
July 10 The Geena Davis Show 2000
July 100% (UK) 1997
August 31 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 1968
Unknown Teletubbies (UK) 1997
Unknown Oh Yeah! Cartoons 1998
Unknown TV Funhouse 2000
September 15 Live & Kicking 1993
September 28 So Weird 1999
Unknown WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1986
November 1 Recess 1997
November 11 Angry Beavers 1997
November 17 Power Rangers: Time Force 2001
December 15 The New Woody Woodpecker Show 2nd season finale on December 15 The Twelve Lies of Christmas 2000

Changes of network affiliation

Show Moved from Moved to
American High Fox PBS
Buffy the Vampire Slayer The WB UPN
Roswell The WB UPN
Home Movies UPN Cartoon Network
National Geographic Explorer CNBCmarker MSNBC
Candid Camera CBS PAX
Blankety Blank BBC One ITV

Notable TV movies and events


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