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The year 2002 in television involved some significant events.Below is a list of television-related events in 2002.

For the American TV schedule, see: 2002-03 United States network television schedule.


Date Event
January 25 Bloody Sunday , a television drama based on the events of the controversial Bloody Sunday incident in Northern Irelandmarker in 1972 airs on ITV in the UK.
February 3 Super Commercials: A Mental Engineering Special airs on PBS stations reaching 85% of the U.S. after Super Bowl XXXVI; reportedly the best coverage yet achieved by a former public access television program.
February 11 Two new BBC children's channels, CBeebies (aimed at children under 6) and CBBC (aimed at children aged 6–13) launch.
March 2 BBC Knowledge in the UK ceases transmission, the first BBC channel to permanently close.
March 2 BBC Four launches in the UK, replacing BBC Knowledge. The opening night is simulcast on BBC Two.
March 17 WrestleMania X8 invades the Toronto's Skydomemarker when 68,227 fans see WrestleMania X8 which was headlined by The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan.
March 27 ITV Digital placed into administration. Most subscription channels cease broadcasting on the network on May 1.
March 29 At 2.10am, the last Balloon ident is shown on BBC One, and with it, the last time the globe is used as the channel's symbol (having been used since 1963). Its replacement, the 'Rhythm & Movement' idents, première at 9am.
April 1 Noggin moved to the timeshift service channel, The N.
April 17 General Hospital airs its milestone 10,000th episode.
May One Life to Live airs a full week of episodes broadcast live from the ABC New York studios.
May 1 Nicktoons Network was released.
May 6 WWF RAW becomes WWE RAW following a name change from World Wrestling Federation to World Wrestling Entertainment earlier in day.
June 3 Sailor Moon returns to Cartoon Network at 3:30pm EST/PST after a year of the network not showing the program.
June 7 Kim Possible has its first three episodes aired on Disney Channel
June 12 The NBA on NBC airs its last game after 12 years with the NBA.
June 16 The Dead Zone premieres on USA Network. It was the highest-rated cable series debut in television history.
July 5 Cartoon Network stops airing the popular anime Sailor Moon, this is the last time the network or any other network in the US has aired the series.
September 4 Kelly Clarkson wins the first season of American Idol.
September 14 Fox Kids, then owned by ABC Family, leaves Fox and is replaced by the Fox Box (now known as 4Kids TV).
September 14 Cartoon Network shows Sailor Moon SuperS - The Movie: Black Dream Hole again, this is the last Sailor Moon feature aired in states, as of 2006.
September 16 Channel 5 in the UK rebrands itself to Five, and drops its Digital On-screen Graphic.
September 25 Lisa Donahue is crowned the winner of Big Brother 3 and wins the $500,000 prize. Runner-Up Danielle Reyes wins $50,000.
October 1 Cartoon Network celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
October 5 The programming strand Discovery Kids on NBC launches on NBC.
October 17 The following stations were founded in Guammarker: K28HS, K30HB, K32GB, and K36GJ.
October 20 BBC motoring series Top Gear is relaunched with a new format
October 27 London Weekend Television (LWT) broadcast their final day after 34 years. A modern day recreation of a 1970s-style startup is shown in the early morning, and just after midnight a montage of LWT presentation over the years is broadcast, introduced in-vision by two of LWT's announcers, Trish Bertram and Glen Thompsett.
October 28 In England and Wales, ITV drops regional identification from most programmes and adopts a unified branding of just ITV1. The names for the London (Carlton and LWT), West (HTV West) and Wales (HTV Wales) are dropped altogether, and replaced with ITV1 London, ITV1 West of England and ITV1 Wales respectively, though the names continue to appear elsewhere.
October 30 Warren Zevon is featured on the Late Show with David Letterman as the only guest for the entire hour. Zevon performs several songs and talks in length about being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.
October 30 Longtime castmember Hunter Tylo's character, Dr. Taylor Hamilton Forrester, is killed off the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, which is seen worldwide. Taylor would later return from the dead in 2005.
December Talk show host David Letterman, Paul Shaffer and a stage hand from the Late Show with David Letterman, Biff Henderson, spend Christmas in Afghanistanmarker with the United States and international military forces stationed in the country.
December 15 Animation for The Simpsons changes from cel animation to digital ink and paint.
December 25 Strangers on the Shore, a Christmas special and the penultimate episode of Only Fools and Horses, is the highest rated show of the year in the UK, with an audience of 17.40 million.
Fox News Channel overtakes CNN as the #1 cable TV news service in the US.
Alter and Tempo, the Greek speaking channels switches much of family/children's programming.
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Ultimate M.U.S.C.L.E., and Ultraman Tiga debut on Fox Box.


Date Debut
January 13 The Jamie Kennedy Experiment premieres (2002-2004).
January 21 Cyberchase premieres on PBS. (2002-present)
February 9 Power Rangers: Wild Force premieres on Fox. (2002)
March 5 The Osbournes reality show premieres on MTV (2002-2005).
March 8 All About Me premieres on BBC One (2002-2004)
March 12 The Shield premieres on FX.
March 18 ZeD premieres on CBC Television.
March 22 ChalkZone premieres on Nickelodeon (2002-2004).
March 25 The Bachelor premieres on ABC (2002-present).
March 27 The George Lopez Show premieres on ABC (2002-2007).
April 1 Degrassi: The Next Generation the Canadian hit TV-series premieres in the U.S. on The N. (2002-Present).
April 15 Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck, an updated version of the 1983-1986 game show Press Your Luck, hosted by E! star and Hollywood Showdown host Todd Newton.
May 4 Guinevere Jones debuts on YTV. It ends on December 7.
May 13 Spy drama Spooks (later aired as "MI5" in America) debuts on BBC One (2002—).
May 25 Paranormal show Most Haunted debuts on LivingTV (2002—)
June 2 Crime drama The Wire premieres on HBO (2002—2008).
June 18 American Idol: The Search for a Superstar premieres on Fox. The show is based on the 2001 British ITV program, Pop Idol (2002-present).
June 7 Kim Possible premieres on Disney Channel (2002-2007).
June 7 Hamtaro premieres on Cartoon Network (2002-2004).
July 10 Big Brother 3 premieres on CBS (2000-present).
July 12 Monk premieres on USA Network (2002-present).
July 20 Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius premieres on Nickelodeon (2002-present).
August 25 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! premieres on ITV in the UK (2002-present).
August 31 Dick and Dom in da Bungalow premieres on the CBBC Channel in the UK (2002-2006).
August 31 InuYasha premieres on Cartoon Network in the US (2002-Present).
September 14 ABC Kids debuts as a replacement of Disney's One Saturday Morning (2002-present).
September 15 Stargate: Infinity premieres on the Fox Box (2002-2003).
September 16 Everwood premieres on The WB (2002-2006)
September 16 Dr. Phil premieres in Syndication (2002-present)
September 17 Life with Bonnie premieres on ABC (2002-2004).
September 17 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, later known as 8 Simple Rules, premieres on ABC (2002-2005).
September 17 Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom returns to TV, this time on Animal Planet (1963-1988, 2002-present).
September 18 The Twilight Zone returns to TV, this time on UPN (1959-1964, 1985-1988, 2002-2003).
September 20 Firefly premieres on Fox (2002-2003).
September 20 What I Like About You premieres on The WB. (2002-2006).
September 22 O2Be premieres on Oxygen (2002)
September 23 CSI: Miami premieres on CBS (2002—).
September 23 Half & Half premieres on UPN (2002-2006)
September 26 Without a Trace premieres on CBS (2002—).
September 27 Hack premieres on CBS (2002-2004).
September 29 American Dreams premieres on NBC (2002-2005).
October 1 Less Than Perfect premieres on ABC (2002-2006).
October 3 Naruto premeries in Japan and becomes a successful anime series (2002-present).
October 5 Endurance premieres on NBC (2002-2006), and on Discovery Kids (2002-2008)
October 20 Great Britons debuts on BBC Two.
October 20 Top Gear relaunches on BBC Two (2002—).
October 28 Page to Screen premieres on Bravo (2002—2003).
November 4 Around The Horn premieres on ESPN (2002—).
November 14 The first series of Harry Hill's TV Burp debuts on ITV, having premiered with a broadcast pilot the previous year (2002—).
December 6 Codename: Kids Next Door premieres on Cartoon Network (2002—2008).

Television shows

See also 2002-03 United States network television schedule








Changes of network affiliation

Show Moved from Moved to
Making the Band ABC MTV
NBA Inside Stuff NBC ABC
Power Rangers Fox ABC
The News with Brian Williams MSNBC CNBCmarker

Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 11 The Ellen Show 2001
January 18 The Outer Limits 1995
January 21 Daria 1997
February 14 Family Guy (returned in 2005) 1999
February 24 Angela Anaconda 1999
March 12 Undeclared 2001
April 15 Once and Again 1999
April 26 Lexx 1997
April 30 Spin City 1996
April 30 Dharma & Greg 1997
May 3 Dark Angel 2000
May 14 Roswell 1999
May 18 V.I.P. 2002
May 19 The X-Files 1993
May 20 Ally McBeal 1997
May 20 Earth: Final Conflict 1997
May 20 Relic Hunter 1999
May 22 Felicity 1998
May 22 The Rosie O'Donnell Show 1996
May 22 Sally 1985
July 5 Politically Incorrect 1996
August 10 The Zeta Project (reruns the second season on 2003 to 2008 on Cartoon Network) 2001
August 11 Greg the Bunny 2002
August 12 Titus 2000
August 30 Catchphrase 1986
September 7 Fox Kids 1990
September 7 Disney's One Saturday Morning 1997
September 8 Arliss 1996
September 14 The Amanda Show 1999
September 28 Ultraman Cosmos (Japan) 2001
October 14 The Oblongs 2001
November 14 Pokémon (Japan) 1997
November 16 Power Rangers: Wild Force 2002
November 22 Courage the Cowardly Dog 1999
December 10 Invader Zim (Returns to 2006) 2001
December 18 Rescue Heroes 1999
Unknown Sesame Park 1995
Unknown Tama and Friends 2001
Unknown Computer Chronicles 1983
January 11 Card Sharks 1978


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