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The year 2003 in television involved some significant events.Below is a list of television-related events in 2003.

For the American TV schedule, see: 2003-04 United States network television schedule.


Date Event
January 19 The WB hit series Charmed, which debut in 1998, reaches its 100th episode, which was rare for hour long dramas at that time.
February 9 After a long delay, BBC Choice is replaced by BBC Three. The opening night is simulcast on BBC Two.
February 9 ITV screens the controversial two-part drama The Second Coming, set around the return to Earth of Jesus Christ in modern-day Manchestermarker.
February 16 The 300th episode of The Simpsons airs the same night as the Married... with Children reunion special airs.
February 22 After an absence of many years After Dark returns to British television.
Late February Talk show host David Letterman is forced to take a few weeks off from his Late Show with David Letterman due to a bout of shingles (subsequent Top Ten Lists would occasionally have entries that poked fun at this). A string of celebrities guest host for Letterman while he's away including Bruce Willis, Regis Philbin, Will Ferrell and Elvis Costello.
February 24 19.43 million watch Coronation Streetmarker in the UK as Richard Hillman confesses to the murder of Maxine Peacock, the highest rated show of the year. [25932]
February 24 Giant Robot Week airs on Cartoon Network, which includes 2 heavily edited episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is the first attempt to air the series on network TV (it has never been aired on network TV prior to this date).
April 7 Dragonball Z airs its final premiere episode on Cartoon Network. The series first aired on Toonami on August 31, 1998. DBZ ended but returned in 2005 with the first 65 episodes redubbed and uncut.
April 22 On All My Children, Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) kisses Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska); this is the first lesbian kiss on American daytime television.
May 20 The first "Cycle" of America's Next Top Model premieres.
June 28 The game show Judgement Day premieres on ITV, hosted by Brian Conley. It is cancelled after two episodes due to very low ratings, the second quickest cancellation in UK TV history; the first was Heil Honey I'm Home! in 1990, cancelled after one episode.
September 5 The much vaunted TV3 rival to RTÉmarker's The Late Late Show (Irelandmarker), Eamon Dunphy's The Dunphy Show premieres and bombs, pulling in less than half the Late Late's viewership. The show is axed after December 12 after only 12 shows.
September 10 In an effort to woo Star Trek fans into watching the latest series in the franchise, the producers of UPN's Enterprise launch a season-long story arc, the first time a full season of a Star Trek series has been devoted to one storyline. Three episodes into the new season, as a gesture to win back Trekkies, the series title is changed to the more traditional Star Trek: Enterprise.
September 24 Jun Song is crowned the winner of the American version of Big Brother 4 and wins the $500,000 prize. Runner-Up Allison Irwin wins $50,000.
September 25 The Daily Telegraph newspaper is first to announce the return of popular sci-fi drama series Doctor Who after a 14 year break.
September 29 EastEnders brings Dirty Den back from the supposed dead after fourteen years.
October 4 A live action version of the popular Sailor Moon franchise premieres on Japanese television. The show spreads around the world as fans of the Japanese anime of the same name post whole episodes of the program onto the Internet.
October 5 Coronation Streetmarker shows its first gay kiss.
October 5 Psychological illusionist Derren Brown controversially plays Russian roulette live on Channel 4, though with a slight delay allegedly in case the stunt went wrong.
October 23 Longtime broadcaster on the BBC and ITN, and latterly news anchor on Sky News, Bob Friend retires.
November 4 The NFL Network launches in America.
November 10 The 4000th episode of Wheel of Fortune since the pairing of host and hostess Pat Sajak and Vanna White airs.
November 11 BBC current affairs series Panorama, launched in 1953, becomes the first UK television show to reach its 50th anniversary on air.
November 14 Gary Coleman, former star of Diff'rent Strokes, is one of many candidates for Governor of Californiamarker in the gubernatorial recall election. He comes in 8th place. Another Hollywoodmarker star comes in first: Arnold Schwarzenegger.
November 23 40th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who in the UK. In the weeks leading up to this milestone, the BBC announces that a new series of Doctor Who -- the show last aired as a weekly program in 1989 -- will debut in 2005.


Date Debut
January 17 That's So Raven premieres on Disney Channel (2003-2007)
January 22 Chappelle's Show premieres on Comedy Central (2003-2006).
January 23 MythBusters premieres on Discovery Channel (2003–present).
January 24 Penn & Teller: Bullshit! premieres on Showtime (2003–present).
February 1 Winx Club premieres on Rai Due in Italy (2003-present), later introduced to the Fox Box (now known as 4Kids TV) on June 19, 2004 (2004-present).
February 4 Posh Nosh premieres on BBC Two (2003)
February 8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premieres on Fox Box (now known as 4Kids TV) (2003-present)
February 15 Power Rangers: Ninja Storm premieres on ABC (2003)
February 21 Da Ali G Show premieres on HBO (2003-2004)
February 24 Animal Jam premieres on TLC (2003)
March 3 Live Prayermarker premieres on UPN44marker (2003 - present)
March 31 American Chopper premieres on Discovery Channel (2003–present)
April 5 Danny Phantom premieres on Nickelodeon in Australia (2003-2007), later introduced to the Nickelodeon on April 3, 2004 in United States (2004-2007).
April 6 Sonic X premieres on TV Tokyomarker in Japan, later introduced to the Fox Box (now known as 4Kids TV) on August 23 (2003-2006).
April 13 MXC, an English-language redubbing of the Japanese series Takeshi's Castlemarker, debuts on TNN as Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (original episodes 2003–2007).
May 17 Megaman NT Warrior, the English-language version of Rockman EXE, premieres on Kids' WB!.
May 18 State of Play (UK), a six-part serial from Paul Abbott, begins its run on BBC One, concluding on June 22. A sequel is planned for 2006.
May 26 Unscrewed with Martin Sargent premieres on TechTV (now G4TV (2003-2004).
June 2 Train 48 premieres on the Global Television Network in Canada (2003-2005).
June 27 Dead Like Me premieres on Showtime (2003-2005).
July 1 Reno 911! premieres on Comedy Central (2003-2009).
July 8 Big Brother 4 premieres on CBS (2000-present).
July 15 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premieres on Bravo (2003–2007).
July 22 Nip/Tuck premieres on FX (2003-present).
August 1 My Life as a Teenage Robot premieres on Nickelodeon (2003-present).
August 5 The O.C. premieres on Fox (2003-2007).
August 23 Duck Dodgers premieres on Cartoon Network (2003-2005).
August 26 Playmakers premieres on ESPN, and is cancelled on November 11.
August 29 Cowboy U premieres on CMT (2003-present).
September 9 Whoopi, with Whoopi Goldberg, premieres on NBC (2003-2004).
September 9 Happy Family premieres on NBC (2003-2004).
September 9 Starting Over premieres. (syndicated) (2003-2006).
September 11 QI premieres on BBC in UK (2003-present).
September 13 Romeo! premieres on Nickelodeon (2003-2006).
September 14 Carnivàle premieres on HBO (2003-2005).
September 15 Eve premieres on UPN (2003-2006).
September 16 Little Britain premieres on BBC Three in UK (2003-2006).
September 16 All of Us premieres on UPN (2003-2007)
September 18 Threat Matrix premieres on ABC (2003-2004).
September 20 Lilo and Stitch: The Series premieres on ABC Kids (2003-2006).
September 22 Las Vegas premieres on NBC (2003-present).
September 22 Two and a Half Men premieres on CBS (2003-present).
September 23 I'm with Her premieres on ABC (2003-2004).
September 23 NCIS premieres on CBS (2003-present).
September 23 One Tree Hill premieres on the WB (2003-present).
September 26 Hope and Faith premieres on ABC (2003-2006).
September 26 Joan of Arcadia premieres on CBS (2003-2005).
September 26 The Handler premieres on CBS (2003-2004).
September 28 Cold Case premieres on CBS (2003-present).
September 28 10-8: Officers on Duty premieres on ABC (2003-2004).
October 1 It's All Relative premieres on ABC (2003-2004).
October 1 Karen Sisco premieres on ABC, and is cancelled on November 12 (2003-2004).
October 3 Married to the Kellys premieres on ABC (2003-2004).
October 6 The Big Break premieres on The Golf Channel (2003–present).
October 16 Superstars returns to BBC One (1973-1985, 2003-2005).
October 26 Viva La Bam premieres on MTV (2003-2005).
October 30 Tru Calling premieres on Fox (2003-2005).
November 1 Xiaolin Showdown premieres on Kids' WB! (2003-present).
November 1 Dave the Barbarian premieres on Disney Channel in Australia (2003-2004), later introduced to the Disney Channel on January 23, 2004 (2004-2005).
November 2 Arrested Development premieres on Fox (2003-2006).
November 7 Star Wars: Clone Wars premieres on Cartoon Network (2003-2005).
November 7 Dragonball GT premieres on Cartoon Network (2003-2005).
November 29 All Grown Up!, a Rugrats spinoff, premieres on Nickelodeon (2003-2008).
December 8 Battlestar Galactica premieres on Sky One in the UK (2003-present).

Television shows

See also 2003-04 United States network television schedule














Returning in 2003

Ending this year

Date Show Debut
January 12 Andy Richter Controls the Universe 2002
February 5 The Legend of Tarzan 2001
February 10 Clone High 2002
February 23 Oz 1997
February 25 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2000
March 21 Farscape 1999
April 6 Clocking Off (UK) 2000
April 7 Dragonball Z 1998
April 13 My Big Fat Greek Life 2003
April 24 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 1997
April 25 Fastlane 2002
April 26 Cubix: Robots for Everyone 2001
April 27 Touched by an Angel 1994
May 7 Stargate Infinity 2002
May 20 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997
May 21 The Twilight Zone 2002
May 28 Dawson's Creekmarker 1998
May 30 Crossroads (UK) 2001
June 2 Even Stevens 2000
July 1 Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" 2003
July 14 Digimon: Digital Monsters 1999
August 8 This Is Your Life (UK) 1955
August 10 Futurama 1999
August 16 Just Shoot Me! 1997
October 3 Port Charles 1997
October 25 X-Men: Evolution 2000
November 4 Brookside (UK) 1982
November 11 The Angry Beavers 2003
November 15 Power Rangers: Ninja Storm 2003
December 12 Electric Circusmarker (Canada) 1988
December 19 Fifteen to One 1988
December 24 Absolutely Fabulous (UK) 2001
December 25 Only Fools and Horses (UK) 2001
December 27 SMTV Live (UK) 1998
December 31 Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (UK) 1984

Changes of Network Affiliation

Show Moved from Moved to
Grounded for Life Fox The WB
Robot Wars BBC Two Five
Family Rosary Crusade ABS-CBN Studio 23


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