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The 2008 Santa Catarina floods were floods in the Santa Catarinamarker, Brazilmarker in November 2008. It occurred after a period of heavy rainfall during late November 2008, most significantly during days 20, 21, 22 and 23 of November. The state suffered constant rainfalls for over two months (during late September, October, and November) on the coast, which turned the soil wet enough to cause a landslide during the storm that hit the state in late November. It affected around 60 towns and over 1.5 million people in the state of Santa Catarinamarker in Brazilmarker. At least 128 people are confirmed to have been killed with over 78,700 being forced to evacuate their homes. A further 150,000 have been left without electricity, while water rationing is being carried out in at least one town due to purification problems. Santa Catarina state Governor Luiz Henrique da Silveira had earlier suggested that the final death toll was likely to be over 50, a figure that has proved optimistic. Several towns in the region have become cut off due to floodwater and landslide debris and on November 23 the Mayor of Blumenaumarker, João Paulo Kleinubing, declared a state of emergency in the city. Water levels in the Vale do Itajaí have risen to eleven metres above normal.


  • : United States government donated US$ 50,000 to help Santa Catarina buying food and water.
  • : German government donated 200,000 to buy food, water, hygiene material and mattress.
  • : Pope Benedict XVI send a message to the victims, where "want to assert spiritually in this hour of pain with the families of the victims and the thousands of evacuees and homeless this huge environmental tragedy."
  • : The Brazilian Federal government issued a decree on November 27, 2008 releasing US$ 854 million in aid to the State of Santa Catarina.
  • - : The State Governor Luiz Henrique da Silveira has suggested that "Santa Catarina is facing its worst weather tragedy of its history" and told "Blumenaumarker has to be rebuilt entirely" . He also declared that the state is per 3 days in Mourning.


Soon after the floods began, various bloggers from Blumenaumarker began reporting about the situation on Twitter, providing photos, videos, forecast conditions and river levels for other people on the internet who were isolated by the floods.Estadão> A site showed up on the Brazilian blogosphere to keep people informed and offering a channel for donations.


  3. Embaixada dos EUA libera verba para SC
  4. Alemanha vai doar 200 mil euros a catarinenses

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