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The Asian Football Confederation has been allocated 4 assured qualifying berths for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and one place in a play-off. 43 teams are in the running for these spots; Laos, Brunei and the Philippines do not attempt to qualify. This is the first time Timor-Leste has competed in World Cup qualification and the first time Australia has attempted to qualify for the World Cup as a member of the AFC, having moved from the Oceania Football Confederation at the start of 2006.

Asia's four automatic qualifying berths were taken by Australia, Japan and both North and South Korea. Bahrain failed to become a fifth Asian representative in the World Cup after losing their AFC/OFC playoff against New Zealand.


The initial seeding (used in the draw for the first two rounds) was based on each team's performance during the qualification stage for the previous World Cup. The admission of Australia to the AFC complicated matters slightly (as they had not taken part in the previous AFC qualification cycle, but had progressed to the World Cup finals in Germany - and had advanced further than the AFC qualifiers).

Initially, the AFC placed Australia as the first seed even though this contradicted the letter of the seeding - past practice (such as adopted by the AFC in the draw for the qualification to the 2008 Olympic Football Tournament) would have seeded Australia last.

By the time of the main qualification draw in Durbanmarker (which included the AFC third round), the seeding had been adjusted to rank the top 5 AFC nations according to their performance in the World Cup Final Tournament. This resulted in minor changes to the seeding at that point.

Seeding for the first two rounds

Teams ranked 1–5 received a bye from the first two knockout rounds and are entered into the third round.

Teams ranked 6–43 entered at the first round, with teams ranked from 6–24 drawn against teams ranked from 25–43.

Of the first round winners, the eight lowest remaining seeds would go on to play in the second round. The other teams would receive a bye to the third round.

Top Seeds

(Ranked 1st to 5th)
Pot A

(Ranked 6th to 24th)
Pot B

(Ranked 25th to 43rd)

  • Guam and Bhutan withdrew after the draw, but before playing any matches.

First Round

The official draw took place on 6 August 2007 at the AFC House in Kuala Lumpurmarker, Malaysiamarker. Teams from Pot A were randomly paired with a team from Pot B.

  1. For security reasons, Iraq played their home leg in Syriamarker, Palestine played their home leg in Qatarmarker and Afghanistan played their home leg in Tajikistanmarker.
  2. Bhutan withdrew.
  3. Guam withdrew.
  4. FIFA decided to move Myanmar home match to Malaysiamarker.
  5. Timor-Leste elected to play their home leg in Indonesiamarker.
  6. Palestine failed to appear; Singapore was awarded a 3–0 win. The Palestine Football Federation appealed to have the match rescheduled on the grounds that its players did not receive permits to leave the Gaza Stripmarker, but FIFA dismissed the appeal.

Second Round

Of the nineteen teams that progressed from the first round, the eight lowest seeded teams were required to play in the second round (the other eleven teams received a bye to the third round). As with the first round the draw took place on 6 August 2007 at AFC House in Kuala Lumpurmarker, Malaysiamarker.

As the teams involved were not known at the time, the draw placed teams ranked 16-19 against teams ranked 12-15. The ties drawn were
  • 17th against 14th
  • 16th against 12th
  • 18th against 13th
  • 19th against 15th

Third Round

The top 5 seeds were joined by the eleven highest-ranked winners from the first round and the four second round winners.


Byes to Round 3 Top 11 Round 1 winners Round 2 winners

  1. 1

    1 On 30 October 2007, the Kuwait Football Association was suspended from international football competitions by FIFA. On 9 November 2007, Kuwait was conditionally reinstated to international football competitions by FIFA.

    Seeding for the third round

    These 20 teams were drawn into five groups of four teams at the main group draw in Durbanmarker, South Africa on 25 November 2007. The seeding for the main draw was the same for the first two rounds, with the exception that the five seeded nations (those that qualified for the 2006 finals) were ordered on the basis of results in the 2006 finals tournament. This saw Iran move from fifth to third, and Japan and Saudi Arabia ranked equal fourth.

    The four seeding Pots used were:

    Pot A Pot B Pot C Pot D


    The teams in each group played each other twice, once home and once away. The teams that finished first and second in their group qualified for the fourth round.

    Group 1

    On 26 May 2008, FIFA decided to suspend Iraq from international competition, after the Iraq Football Association was disbanded by the government on 20 May 2008. The suspension was provisionally and conditionally lifted on 29 May 2008.

    Qatar fielded the ineligible player Emerson in the 2–0 defeat of Iraq on 26 March 2008, prompting world governing body FIFA to suspend the player but clear Qatar of any wrongdoing. Iraq appealed the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, but it was rejected by the CAS, saying that Iraq submitted documents and the appeal fees too late.

    Group 2

    Group 3

    Group 4

    Group 5

    Fourth Round

    In the fourth round, the 10 remaining teams were drawn into 2 groups of 5 teams.


    Round 3 Group winner Group runner-Up
    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3
    Group 4 * *
    Group 5

    * Positions based on original final standings

    Seeding for the fourth round

    The 10 qualifiers were drawn into two groups of five teams at the draw in Kuala Lumpurmarker, Malaysiamarker on 27 June 2008. The seeding for the fourth round was based on that used in the third round draw, but Saudi Arabia and Japan (seeded equal 4th in that draw) were separated by a random selection held at the start of the fourth round draw.

    The top 6 ranked qualifiers were split into 3 pots of 2 teams, with the bottom 4 ranked nations grouped together in a separate pot. Each group was allocated 1 team from each of Pots 1, 2 and 3, and 2 teams from Pot 4.

    Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4


    The teams in each group played each other twice, once home and once away. The top 2 teams in each group qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa. The third-placed teams met in a play-off to determine who would play the OFC winner, New Zealand, in a separate playoff for a spot in the Finals.

    Group A

    Group B

    Fifth Round

    Teams finishing 3rd in the fourth round groups played each other to determine a possible 5th qualifier from Asia. The draw for the order in which the two matches would be played was held on 2 June 2009 during the FIFA Congress in Nassaumarker, the Bahamasmarker.

    Asia-Oceania play-off

    The Fifth Round winner then played the winner of the OFC qualifying group, New Zealand, in a home-and-away play-off. The winner of this play-off qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals.

    The draw for the order in which the two matches would be played was held on 2 June 2009 during the FIFA Congress in Nassaumarker, the Bahamasmarker.

    New Zealand qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup


    As of 10 September, there have been 374 goals scored in 144 games, for an average of 2.60 goals per game.

    (Players in 'bold are still active in the competition)

    Pos Player Country Total goals Goals by round
    R1 R2 R3 R4 PO
    1 Sarayoot Chaikamdee 8 5 2 1 X X
    Maksim Shatskikh 5 2 1 X
    3 Ahmad Ajab 6 0 6 X X
    Ismail Matar 1 4 1 X
    5 Zyad Chaabo 5 0 4 1 X X
    Park Ji-Sung 2 3
    Mohammed Ghaddar 4 1 X X
    Sebastián Quintana 3 1 1 X
    9 Tim Cahill 4 1 3
    Brett Emerton 2 2
    Cheng Siu Wai 4 0 X X X
    Javad Nekounam 1 3 X
    Mahdi Karim 4 0 X X
    Hasan Abdel Mahmoud 4 X X
    Jong Chol-Min 4 0 0 X
    Hong Yong-Jo 0 3 1 X
    Park Chu-Young 2 2
    Abdoh Otaif 2 2
    Aleksandar Duric 0 2 2 X X
    Raja Rafe 0 4 0 X X
    Jehad Al Hussein 0 1 3 X X
    Numondzhon Khakimov 4 0 X X X
    Server Djeparov 0 4 0 X
    24 Joshua Kennedy 3 1 2
    Harry Kewell 2 1
    Mahmood Abdulrahman 1 0 2
    A'ala Hubail 1 2 0
    Salman Isa 2 1
    Chan Siu Ki 3 0 X X X
    Emad Mohammed 1 2 X X
    Yasuhito Endo 2 1
    Shunsuke Nakamura 1 2
    Yuji Nakazawa 3 0
    Marcus Tulio Tanaka 1 2
    Pak Chol-min 3 0 0
    Kim Do-Heon 3
    Lee Keun-Ho 0 3
    Sayed Ali Bechir 2 1 0 X
    Yasser Al-Qahtani 3 0
    Malek Mouath 3 0
    Redha Tukar 3 0
    John Wilkinson 1 0 2 X X
    Mohamed Al Zeno 2 1 0 X X
    Teeratep Winothai 1 0 2 X X
    Datsakorn Thonglao 2 0 1 X X
    Emilio Da Silva 3 X X X X
    Mohamed Al-Shehhi 1 1 1 X
    Odil Ahmedov 0 3 0 X
    Timur Kapadze 1 2 0 X
    Farhod Tadjiyev 3 X
    49 Mark Bresciano 2 1 1
    Faouzi Mubarak Aaish 1 1
    Ismael Abdullatif 0 1 X 1
    Abdulla Baba Fatadi 1 0 1
    Jaycee John 1 0 X 1
    Liu Jian 1 1 X X
    Qu Bo 2 0 X X
    Sunil Chetri 2 X X X X
    Gholamreza Rezaei 2 0 X
    Masoud Shojaei 0 2 X
    Nashat Akram 1 1 X X
    Kengo Nakamura 1 1
    Yoshito Okubo 2 0
    Keiji Tamada 1 1
    Choe Kum-Chol 1 1
    Mun In-Guk 2
    Ki Sung-Yong 1 1
    Kwak Tae-Hwi 1 1
    Seol Ki-Hyeon 2
    Mahmoud El Ali 1 1 X X
    Kin Seng Chan 2 X X X X
    Ismail Sulaiman 0 2 X X
    Amad Ali 0 2 X X
    Fábio César Montezine 0 2 0 X
    Ahmed Al-Fraidi 1 1
    Saad Al-Harthi 1 1
    Naif Hazazi 2
    Shi Jiayi 2 0 0 X X
    Mohd Noh Alam Shah 1 1 0 X X
    Firas Issmael 1 1 0 X X
    Firas Al Khatib 0 0 2 X X
    Teerasil Dangda 2 0 0 X X
    Artur Gevorkyan 2 0 0 X X
    Mamedaly Karadanov 2 0 0 X X
    Mekan Nasirov 1 1 0 X X
    Basheer Saeed 1 0 1 X
    Victor Karpenko 1 1 0 X


    • — Bye
    • X Eliminated

    1 goal

    Own goals


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