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  • The Carthaginianmarker general Hamilcar Barca is killed in a battle in Hispania, ending his lengthy campaign to conquer the Iberian Peninsulamarker for Carthage. In eight years, by force of arms and diplomacy, he had secured an extensive territory in the Iberian Peninsulamarker, but his death in battle prevents him from completing the conquest. Command of his army in the Iberian Peninsula passes to his son-in-law Hasdrubal.
  • Hasdrubal makes immediate policy changes, emphasizing the use of diplomatic rather than military methods for expanding Carthaginian Hispania and dealing with Rome. He founds Carthago Novamarker or New Carthage (modern Cartagenamarker) as his capital city.

Asia Minor


  • The Illyrian Queen Teuta's governor, Demetrius of Pharos has little alternative but to surrender to the overwhelming Roman force. In return, the Romans award him a considerable part of Teuta's holdings to counter-balance the power of Teuta. Meanwhile, the Roman army lands farther north at Apolloniamarker. The combined Roman army and fleet proceed northward together, subduing one town after another and besieging Shkodramarker, the Illyrian capital.
  • Archidamus V, brother of the murdered Spartanmarker King Agis IV, is called back to Sparta by the Agiad King Cleomenes III, who has no counterpart on the throne by then. However, Archidamus V is assassinated shortly after returning.



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