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The 26th Space Aggressor Squadron (26 SAS) is a unit of the United States Air Force located at Schriever Air Force Basemarker, Colorado. It is part of the 926th Group and is the Reserve Associate of the 527th Space Aggressor Squadron.


Air Aggressors

The 26th Aggressor Squadron was located at the Former Clark Air Basemarker near Angeles Citymarker, Pampangamarker, Philippinesmarker. The unit was designated as an Aggressor Squadron on 22 April 1983. The 26th Aggressor Squadron began flying the F-5E Tiger II in 1977 and added T-33's to the unit in 1986. The unit flew simulated Soviet attacks to provide training to US Air Force and Allied fighter crews at several locations; mostly at PACAF (Pacific Air Force) bases throughout the far-east; The unit also participated in Team Spirit exercises at Osan Air Basemarker and Kunsan Air Basemarker in Korea. The 26th flew its last aggressor mission on 21 February 1990, before being deactivated on 21 February 1990. Aggressor units flew attack patterns similar to Soviet tactics in order to train allied pilots to fly air-to-air combat missions against Soviet forces. Other Aggressor units operated at Nellis AFBmarker near Las Vegas, NV and at Lakenheath ABmarker in the UK.

Space Aggressors

The unit was relocated to Kadena ABmarker (Okinawa Japan) and began using F-16's to fly the Aggressor missions sometime around November 1988; The unit was deactivated on 21 February 1990 and was inactive until 2003 when the unit was reactivated as the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron at Schriever AFBmarker, CO.



Redesignated as 1st Reserve Aero Squadron on 26 May 1917, the first squadron of what would become the United States Air Force Reserve in 1948
Redesignated 26th Aero Squadron on 1 October 1917.
Demobilized on 7 June 1919.
  • Authorized on 30 August 1921, as 26th Squadron (Attack).
Organized on 15 September 1921.
Redesignated 26th Attack Squadron on 25 January 1923.
Reconstituted 26th Aero Squadron and consolidated 8 April 1924 with 26th Attack Squadron
Inactivated on 27 June 1924.
  • Activated on 1 September 1930.
Redesignated 26th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) on 6 December 1939.
Redesignated 26th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 11 December 1940.
Redesignated 26th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy in 1944.
Redesignated 26th Bombardment Squadron, Very Heavy on 30 April 1946.
Inactivated on 20 October 1948.
  • Redesignated 26th Bombardment Squadron, Heavy and activated, on 1 December 1948.
Discontinued, and inactivated on 2 July 1968.
  • Redesignated 26th Tactical Fighter Squadron on 24 September 1973.
Activated on 30 September 1973.
Redesignated 26th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron on 31 August 1975.
Redesignated 26th Tactical Fighter Training Aggressor Squadron on 30 November 1977.
Redesignated 26th Aggressor Squadron on 22 April 1983.
Inactivated on 21 February 1990.
  • Redesignated 26th Space Aggressor Squadron on 21 February 2003.
Activated As part of the Air Force Reserve on 1 October 2003.

Bases stationed


Name Rank Dates of Command
Raynal C. Bolling Major 26 May 1917
Phillip A. Carroll Captain 16 June 1917
James E. Miller Captain 27 September 1917
Charles E. Reed 1st Lieutenant 25 October 1917
Douglas Campbell 1st Lieutenant c. Nov 1917
Howard W. Shultz 1st Lieutenant c. 1917
Carroll D. Weatherly 1st Lieutenant c. 1917-c. May 1918
None Unmanned c.31 May-c. 4 June 1918
Heath A. Melton 1st Lieutenant c. 5 June 1918
Roy A. Noggle Captain Oct 1918
James C. Calvert Captain Nov 1918
A. Evan Hughes 2nd Lieutenant 1919
Thomas W. Ward 1st Lieutenant 1919
Lotha A. Smith 1st Lieutenant 1919
Byron E. Gates 1st Lieutenant 14 September 1922
Unknown Unknown 26 January 1923-27 June 1924
Nathan F. Twining 1st Lieutenant 1 September 1930
Leonard H. Rodieck 1st Lieutenant 8 March 1932
Samuel G. Frierson Major 1 March 1934
George A. McHenry Jr. Major 3 December 1936
George R. Acheson Captain 25 November 1938
Alvord Rutherford 2nd Lieutenant 26 December 1939
Richard E. Cobb Major 1 May 1940
R. P. Salzarulo 1st Lieutenant 12 November 1941
Andrew Meulenberg Major 13 November 1941
Richard E. Cobb Major c. 20 December 1941
Lawrence C. Coddington Lt. Colonel c. 15 January 1942
Allan J. Sewart Jr. Major 29 June 1942
John J. Thornhill Captain 18 November 1942
Nicholas H. Lund Captain 20 May 1943
Wesley A. Anderson Major 6 July 1943
Robert W. Holland Major 27 January 1944
Vernon B. Warren Captain 29 July 1944
Robert W. Holland Major c. 1 December 1944
Vernon b. Warren Captain Jan 1945 (acting), 11 February 1945 (permanent)
Wilber E. Dehne Major 1 March 1945
George R. Haysel Major May 1945
Wilber E. Dehne Major July 1945
Robert N. Chalman 1st Lieutenant c. December 1945
None Unmanned c. 13 December 1945-14 May 1946
William E. Conger Captain 15 May 1946
Aloyisius A. Norton Captain c. October 1946
None Unmanned 15 November 1946-October 1948
Charles T. Moreland Jr. Major 1 December 1948
Richard T. Black Lt. Colonel 16 March 1949
Louis W. Rohr Lt. Colonel 15 August 1949
Robert E. Thacker Lt. Colonel 15 August 1949
Howard F. Hugos Lt. Colonel 9 March 1950
William R. Calhour Jr. Colonel c. November 1950
Thomas J. Rogers Lt. Colonel 16 February 1951
Carroll H. Payne Lt. Colonel 21 April 1952
John C. Harrington Lt. Colonel 25 March 1953
Clay E. Thompson Jr. Lt. Colonel 15 August 1954
Roderick G. Darelius Lt. Colonel 23 December 1954
George J. Savage Lt. Colonel July 1955
Fred D. McKinney Lt. Colonel c. 24 September 1956
Ray H. McAllister Major c. January 1958
Marvin E. Carver Major c. February 1958
Fred D. McKinney Lt. Colonel c. March 1958
Robert W. Johnson Lt. Colonel 13 May 1960
Farley A. Latta Colonel c. 9 March 1962
Armand L. Monteverde Lt. Colonel May 1963
Oliver W. Lewis Lt. Colonel 1 January 1964
Jonathan H. Hughes Lt. Colonel c. June 1965
John J. Murphy Lt. Colonel April 1966
Glen T. Noyes Lt. Colonel c. 21 April 1967
Frank E. Birtciel Lt. Colonel c. May-c. 2 July 1968
None Unmanned 30 September 1973-30 August 1975
Ralph A. Riddell Lt. Colonel 31 August 1975
Harry L. McKee Lt. Colonel 30 December 1976
Thomas W. Williams Lt. Colonel 16 October 1978
Ronald N. Running Lt. Colonel 18 July 1980
Burton R. Moore Lt. Colonel 24 March 1981
Ralph B. Femrite Lt. Colonel 6 July 1981
Harold S. Storer Jr. Lt. Colonel 21 October 1983
Edward H. Allen Lt. Colonel 10 July 1985
William H. Finocchio Lt. Colonel 10 July 1978
William J. Heitzig Lt. Colonel 14 July 1989
None Unmanned 21 January-21 February 1990
Guy H. Morley Jr. Lt. Colonel 1 October 2003
Deborah H. McCarty Lt. Colonel 7 January 2006
Robert J. Rysavy II Lt. Colonel 1 August 2007

Aircraft Operated

Included DH-4 and various experimental models including:
  • "flying tank,"1921-1924
  • A-3, 1930–1936;
  • PW-9, 1931
  • A-12, 1936–1939
  • B-18, 1940–1942
  • B-17, 1941–1943
  • B-24, 1943–1945
  • B-36, 1949–1957
  • B-52, 1958–1968
  • T-38, 1975–1980
  • F-5, 1977–1988
  • T-33, 1986–1987
  • F-15 and F-16 (borrowed), 1988–1989.

Old Patch


Assembled, serviced, and repaired aircraft, 1917-1919.

Search missions from Hawaii, 20 December 1941-8 July 1942 and May-Oct 1943; took part in Battle of Midway in Jun 1942.

Combat in South and Southwest Pacific, 30 July 1942-Feb 1943; in Central Pacific, Jul, Sep 1943; and in Central and Western Pacific, 14 November 1943-12 August 1945.

Ferried former prisoners of war to Manila, Sep 1945.

Trained in heavy bombardment operations, 1949-1968.

Provided PACAF aircrews with realistic training in dissimilar aerial combat and current intelligence on enemy air-to-air capabilities and tactics, 1976-1989;

minimally manned after move to Kadena AB in 1988.

Service Streamers

World War I Theater of Operations.

Campaign Streamers

World War II: Central Pacific; Air Offensive, Japan; Papua; Guadalcanal; Northern Solomons; Eastern Mandates; Western Pacific; Ryukyus; China Offensive; Air Combat, Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers



Distinguished Unit Citation

Navy Presidential Unit Citation

Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards


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  • World Airpower Journal. (1992). US Air Force Air Power Directory. Aerospace Publishing: London, UK. ISBN 1-880588-01-3

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