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Macedonian Empire

  • Antigonus, the ruler of the Asian parts of the late Alexander the Great's empire, faces a coalition consisting of Cassander, the Macedonian regent; Lysimachus, the satrap of Thrace; and Ptolemy, the satrap of Egypt, who has taken the side of the ousted satrap of Babylonmarker, Seleucus.
  • Antigonus does not trust Peithon's growing power. So Antigonus tricks Peithon to come to his court, where Antigonus has him executed.
  • Antigonus invades Syriamarker, then under Ptolemy's control, and besieges and captures Tyremarker. Antigonus then occupies Syria, proclaiming himself regent.


Roman Republic

  • Success seems to be going the Samnites' way in their ongoing battles against the Romans. Campania is on the verge of deserting Rome. Peace is established between Rome and some Samnite towns.




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