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The eastern hemisphere in 323 BC.


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Macedonian Empire


  • Some of the northern Greek cities, including Athensmarker, revolt against the Macedonian regent, Antipater, following the news of Alexander's death. Athens' actions are incited by the speeches of the Athenian general Leosthenes and the Athenian orator Hypereides. Joined by cities in central and northern Greecemarker, the Athenians defeat Antipater in battle. They force him to take refuge in Lamiamarker, where he is besieged for several months by the Greek allies.
  • The Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, faces a strong anti-Macedonian reaction in Athens following the death of Alexander the Great. Aristotle is accused of impiety by the Athenians. However, he escapes to Chalcismarker in Euboeamarker.
  • Theophrastus, who has been studying in Athens under Aristotle, becomes the head of the Lyceum, the academy in Athens founded by Aristotle, when Aristotle is forced to leave Athens.
  • Following Alexander the Great's death, the Athenians recall Demosthenes from exile and provide the money to pay his fine.



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