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Persian Empire



  • Hicetas, the tyrant of Leontini, again persuades Carthagemarker to send a large army to Sicily, which lands at Lilybaeummarker. Timoleon of Syracusemarker meets this large Carthaginian army in the Battle of the Crimissus in the west of Sicily and achieves a brilliant victory against superior odds. Despite this victory, the Carthaginians continue to occupy the western half of Sicily, with a treaty being concluded that confines the Carthaginians to the area west of the Halycus (Platani) River.

Roman Republic

  • An embassy is sent by the Latin peoples to the Roman Senate asking for the formation of a single republic between Rome and Latium, in which both parties would be considered to be equal. As Rome considers that it is the leader of the Latin League, it refuses to treat the Latin people as being equal politically or have Latin people in the Roman Senate. With Rome's refusal of the proposal, the Latin War begins. The Latins fight with the Campanians, while Rome joins the Samnites to attack the Latins. Only the Laurentes in Latium and the equites of Campania remain with the Romans, who, for their part, find support among the Paeligni.
  • The Roman-Samnite army under consuls Decius Mus and Titus Manlius Torquatus attack and defeat the Latins and Campanians near Mount Vesuviusmarker in the Battle of Vesuvius.
  • The Romans succeed in detaching the Campanians from their alliance with the Latins (through their fear of the Samnites) and induce them to make a separate peace. Three Campanian cities, including Capuamarker and Cumaemarker, are granted Roman citizenship and thus become part of the Roman state. The Roman state now extends to the Bay of Naplesmarker.



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