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  • The Athenianmarker general Conon and the Persian satrap Pharnabazus sail to mainland Greecemarker, where they raid the coast of Laconiamarker and seize the island of Cythera, where they leave a garrison and an Athenian governor.
  • Pharnabazus dispatches Conon with substantial funds and a large part of the fleet to Atticamarker, where he joins in the rebuilding of the long walls from Athensmarker to Piraeusmarker, a project that had been initiated by Thrasybulus in the previous year. The construction is soon completed and Athens quickly takes advantage of its walls and its fleet to seize the islands of Scyrosmarker, Imbrosmarker, and Lemnosmarker, on which it establishes cleruchies (citizen colonies).
  • Fighting breaks out in Corinthmarker between the democratic and oligarchic parties. The democrats, supported by Argosmarker, launch an attack on their opponents, and the oligarchs are driven from the city. These exiles go to the Spartansmarker, based at this time at Sicyonmarker, for support, while the Athenians and Boeotians support the democrats.
  • In a night attack, the Spartans and exiles succeed in seizing Lechaeum, Corinthmarker's port on the Gulf of Corinthmarker, and defeat an army that comes out to challenge them the next day.



  • Upon the death of King Nepherites I, two rival factions fight for the throne; one backing Muthis, son of Nepherites I, and the other supporting Psammuthes. Psammuthes is successful, but he only manages to reign as King of Egyptmarker for part of the year.
  • Hakor overthrows his predecessor, Psammuthes, as King of Egypt claiming to be the grandson of Nepherites I, founder of the 29th Dynasty.

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