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  • The allies, Athensmarker, Thebes, Corinthmarker and Argosmarker, gather a large army at Corinth. A sizable army is sent out from Spartamarker to challenge this force. The two sides meet on the dry bed of the Nemea River, in Corinthian territory. In the resultant Battle of Nemea, the Spartans win a major victory over the allies.
  • The Athenian general Conon, the Persian satrap Pharnabazus and Evagoras, King of Salamismarker, win an overwhelming naval victory over the Spartans under Peisander in the Battle of Cnidus (near Rhodesmarker). Following this victory, Conon and Pharnabazus sail along the coast of Ionia, expelling Spartan governors and garrisons from the cities, although they fail to reduce the Spartan bases at Abydosmarker and Sestosmarker. With the Spartan bid for building an empire crumbling, Persia gains mastery of the Aegeanmarker.
  • The two sides' armies meet each other again at Coronea, in Theban territory in the Battle of Coronea. Once more, the Spartans under King Agesilaus II are successful in battle. After this victory, Agesilaus sails with his army across the Gulf of Corinthmarker and returns to Sparta.
  • The temple of Athena Alea in Tegeamarker is burned down, but is however soon rebuilt to the designs of Scopas of Parosmarker.



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