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Persian Empire


  • The Carthaginiansmarker are forced to abandon their siege of Syracusemarker (begun in 398 BC), but destroy Messinamarker. Dionysius' first war with Carthage ends with a notable victory for Dionysius, who confines his enemy's power to an area of northwest Sicily. On his return home, the Carthaginian general, Himilco, commits suicide.


  • Agesilaus II, the King of Spartamarker, campaigns successfully in Asia Minormarker against the Persian satraps Pharnabazus and Tissaphernes and inflicts a major defeat on Tissaphernes at Sardismarker. Agesilaus agrees to a three months' truce with the Persians under Tissaphernes, the satrap of Lydia and Caria. Negotiations conducted during that time prove fruitless, and on its termination, Agesilaus raids Phrygia, where he easily captures an immense amount of booty, since Tissaphernes has concentrated his troops in Caria.

Roman Republic

  • Marcus Furius Camillus is made dictator by the Romans. Camillus finally destroys the Etruscanmarker city of Veiimarker in southern Etruria as the town falls to Roman forces after what is said to be a 10 year siege. The capture of Veii and its surrounding territories marks the first major expansion of Rome which doubles its territory after this victory.
  • The Romans introduce pay for their army.

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  • Kyniska becomes the first woman to win an event at the Olympic Games when the horse-drawn chariot she sponsors crosses the finish line first, even though the prohibition on women competing forces her to hire a man to drive it.



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