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3RRR (pronounced "Three Triple R", or simply "Triple R") is a popular Australian community radio station, based in Melbournemarker. It is the largest per capita subscribed radio station in the world.

3RRR first commenced broadcasting in 1976 from the studios of 3ST, the student radio station of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (now RMIT Universitymarker), on an educational licence with the name 3RMT. In 1979 it relocated to Fitzroymarker, and adopted its present name. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, it became synonymous with the post punk and new wave subcultures. It has developed a devoted listener base, many of whom donate their time or money to keep the station going; either as volunteers or through the annual "Radiothon". In late 2004 supporters raised enough money for the station to purchase and move into new premises on the corner of Blyth and Nicholson Street in Brunswick Eastmarker after the 20 year lease on their previous studios, in Victoria St, Fitzroy, expired.

3RRR's mission statement was defined in 1990 as "To educate, inform and entertain by drawing upon appropriate community resources. To develop a critical approach to contemporary culture."Triple R's programming is split roughly 70% specialist music and 30% talk-based shows. Hosts have complete autonomy over content and the station does not have playlists. As such, the nature of 3RRR broadcasts vary wildly depending on time of week. 3RRR is funded entirely by community sponsorships and public subscribers (currently around 12,000), which, by removing standard commercial pressures, allows this diverse programming.

Due to the reaction from subscribers, in the late 1990s 3RRR cancelled sponsorship deals signed with the Ford Motor Company and music venue The Mercury Lounge (due to its location in Melbourne's Crown Casinomarker). No such "corporate" sponsorship of this type has been considered since. More recent sponsorship includes, for example, Dromana Estate are "proud sponsors" of Plonk.

With an eclectic mix of programmes and a commitment to independence and integrity, 3RRR has been cited as a model for community radio stations in other cities (such as Sydneymarker's FBi Radio); it has been said that it is a cornerstone of Melbourne's alternative/underground culture. A large number of 3RRR presenters have gone on to work extensively for more commercial radio stations and for the ABC.


  • Against The Arctic
  • All over the Shop
  • The Architects (external site)
  • Atomic (ceased 07)
  • Aural Text
  • The Australian Mood
  • Banana Lounge Broadcasting
  • Beats Electric (ceased 09)
  • Beat Orgy
  • Best Of The Brat (ceased)
  • Breakfasters
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Burn Rubber (ceased 06)
  • Bullying The Jukebox (external site)
  • Byte Into It
  • Can You Dig It
  • Chicken Mary
  • Cocoa Butter (ceased)
  • Dance Cadaverous
  • Delivery
  • Dirty Deeds
  • Dynamite
  • Eat It
  • Einstein A Go Go (external site)
  • Film Buff's Forecast (external site)
  • Far And Wide
  • Frank
  • Galactic Zoo (ceased 07)
  • The Golden Age of Piracy
  • The Grapevine
  • The Graveyard Shift
  • Incoming

  • I'd Rather Jack (ceased 09)
  • The International Pop Underground
  • JVG Radio Method
  • Kinky Afro
  • LiveWire
  • Lime Champions
  • Long Grass Sessions (ceased)
  • Local And/Or General
  • Midweek Crisis (ceased)
  • Max Headroom
  • Musically Incorrect
  • New & Groovy
  • New, Used & Abused (ceased 00)
  • No Way Back
  • Noise In My Head
  • O'Tomorrow
  • Old Folk Show (ceased 06)
  • On the Blower
  • Off the Record
  • Osso Booko Show (1992-1997)
  • The Party Show
  • The Pinch (ceased)
  • Plonk (pod-cast and broadcast during Summer '08/'09)
  • Radio Marinara
  • Respect The Rock
  • Radio Therapy
  • Room With A View
  • Run Like You Stole Something (ceased 08)

  • Sitelines (ceased)
  • Skull Cave (
  • Slanted And Enchanted (ceased 06)
  • Smartarts
  • Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (ceased 09)
  • Son of Crawdaddy
  • The Spin (ceased 06)
  • Spoke
  • Storm the Studio (ceased)
  • Stylin'
  • Symbiosis (ceased 07)
  • To & Fro
  • Top Billin
  • Top Ranking Sound (ceased 07)
  • Transference
  • Twang
  • Vital Bits
  • Under The Sun
  • The Village
  • Vital Bits
  • Wake In Fright (ceased 06)
  • Wax Lyrical
  • Weird Groovin'
  • Wig-Wam Bam
  • Wired for Sound
  • The Word (ceased)
  • Wordburner (ceased 07)
  • Zero G

Selected list of presenters, past & present

  • Jonathan Alley (Under the Sun/Tough Culture)
  • David Armstrong (Danger: Low Brow)
  • Clem Bastow (Transference)
  • Billy Baxter (The Coodabeen Champions)
  • Genevieve Blackmore (aka Genny B) (LiveWire)
  • Philip Brophy & Bruce Milne (EEEK!)
  • Holly C (aka Marieke Hardy), Glenny G (aka Glen Dickie) & Paul P (aka Paul Trapani) (Best of the Brat)
  • Anthony Carew (The International Pop Underground)
  • Greg Champion (The Coodabeen Champions)
  • Santo Cilauro
  • Max Crawdaddy (Son of Crawdaddy)
  • Cousin Creep (Paint The Town Clear Gloss / Breakfasters / Vindaloo Cocktail)
  • Jane Gazzo (Calamity 1992-1996)
  • Declan Fay (The Pinch 2002-2009 / Unexplained Phenomena 2000-2002)
  • Headley Gritter (The Party Show)
  • Paul Harris & John Flaus (Filmbuff's Forecast)
  • Tracy Harvey (Punter to Punter)
  • Stuart Harvey (Mondo Bizarro)
  • Chris Hatzsis
  • Andrew Haug (The Hard Report)
  • Claire Hedger (Australian Matinee)
  • Lawrence Hudson (New, Used & Abused)
  • Rob Jan (Zero G)
  • Declan Kelly (Against the Artic)
  • Justin Kemp (Run Like You Stole Something)
  • Chris Kennett (The Pinch 2002-2009 / Unexplained Phenomena 2000-2002)
  • Josh Kinal & Meshel Laurie (Enough Rope)
  • Kate Langbroek (The F'n'K Show / Breakfasters)
  • Karen Leng (Kinky Afro)
  • Lady Erica (Underground Flavas)
  • Owen McKern (Delivery)
  • Dave O'Neil (Osso Booko Show / Breakfasters)
  • Alan Parkes (Osso Booko Show)
  • Greig Pickhaver
  • Vic Plume (Osso Booko Show)
  • Stephen Oliver, Kraig Krieger & John Williams (Steve & The Board / Cut The Music)
  • Zan Rowe (Transit Lounge)
  • John Safran
  • Julian Schiller (Crud)
  • Fiona Scott-Norman (The F'n'K Show)
  • Cam Smith (Eat It)
  • Allan Thomas (The Metal for Melbourne Show)
  • Tim Thorpe (Vital Bits)
  • Johnny Topper (New & Groovy)
  • Dr Turf (Punter to Punter)
  • Stephen Walker (The Skullcave)
  • Brian Wise & Billy Pinnell (Off The Record)
  • Bohdan X (Friday punk show, 1978-1995)
  • Gary Young (Chicken Mary Show)
  • James Young
  • Steve Wide (Far and Wide) New UK (
  • Tony Wilson (The Breakfasters)
  • Dave Taranto and Janet A McLeod (The Cheese Shop)

External links

  • 3RRR official website - includes audio streaming of the broadcast and archive of best shows.
  • Mark Phillips 2006. Radio City. Melbourne: Vulgar Press. (history of RRR, released to commemorate the 30th anniversary)
  • The Age newspaper. 2006. Rated R. November 23, 2006. (Article on 30 years of 3RRR).
  • The Age Newspaper, 2005
(Article Radio Ga Ga)

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