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  • Spartamarker's King Archidamus II is succeeded by his son Agis II.
  • Following the surrender of Mytilenemarker to Athensmarker, the Athenian leader Cleon insists that the city be destroyed. In response to the pleadings of a number of Athenian citizens, Cleon's decree to destroy the population of Mytilene is reversed with only the ringleaders of the Mytilenean revolt being executed.
  • Plataeamarker surrenders to the Spartans and Thebansmarker after its garrison comes close to death from starvation. Over 200 prisoners are put to death and Plataea is destroyed.
  • The civil war in Corcyramarker, in which the Athenians and the Spartans have interfered ineffectually, results in a victory of the democrats (who support an alliance with Athens) over the oligarchs.
  • In an effort to blockade Sparta from access to Sicilian corn, Athensmarker responds to a plea for help from a delegation from the city of Leontini led by Gorgias, the sophist and rhetorician. Leontini is being threatened by Syracusemarker which is allied to Sparta. However, the Athenian mission led by the Athenian general Laches is unable to offer much help. Laches is later prosecuted by Cleon for his unsuccessful mission to support Athenian interests in Sicily.

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