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  • Pericles concludes a defensive alliance with Corcyramarker (Corfumarker), the strong naval power in the Ionian Seamarker, which is the bitter enemy of Corinthmarker. As a result, Athensmarker intervenes in the dispute between Corinth and Corcyra, and, at the Battle of Sybota, a small contingent of Athenian ships play a critical role in preventing a Corinthian fleet from capturing Corcyra. Following this, Athens places Potidaeamarker, a tributary ally of Athens but a colony of Corinth, under siege.
  • The Corinthians, upset by Athens’ actions, lobbies Spartamarker to take action against Athens. This appeal is backed by Megaramarker (which is being severely affected by Pericles' economic sanctions) and by Aeginamarker (which is being heavily taxed by Pericles and which has been refused home rule).
  • Pericles renews alliances with the Rhegiummarker on the south west corner of Italymarker and Leontini in south-east Sicily, threatening Sparta's food supply route from Sicily.

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