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  • Athensmarker, the leader of the Delian League, comes into conflict with Corinthmarker and its ally Spartamarker (leader of the Peloponnesian League) over Megaramarker. Nicodemes of Sparta, regent for King Pleistoanax, leads an army of 11,500 hoplites into Boeotia to help Thebesmarker put down a rebellion by Phocismarker.
  • Athenian forces block the routes back to the Peloponnesemarker, so the Spartans decide to remain in Boeotia and await the Athenian attack. The Athenians and their allies, with 14,000 men under the command of Myronides, meet the Spartans at Battle of Tanagra. The Spartans win the battle, but they lose many men and so are unable to follow up on their victory.
  • The Athenians regroup after the battle and march into Boeotia. Led by Myronides, the Athenians defeat the Boeotians in the Battle of Oenophyta, and then destroy the walls of Tanagra and ravage Locris and Phocismarker.
  • Athens goes on to defeat Aeginamarker later in the year, and to finish the construction of the Long Walls to the Athenian port of Piraeusmarker (an action opposed by Sparta).
  • Boeotia, Phocis and Opuntian Locris become members of the Delian League. Athens now has enrolled in the Delian League all the Boeotian cities except Thebes. Aeginamarker is forced to become a member of the League. It is assessed, with Thasosmarker, for a yearly contribution to the League of 30 talents.
  • The Zeus Temple at Olympiamarker is completed. The forty-foot statue of Zeusmarker inside it becomes one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.



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