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54 (fifty-four) is the natural number following 53 and preceding 55.

In mathematics

54 is a 19-gonal number. Twice the third power of three, 54 is a Leyland number. 54 can be written as the sum of three square in three different ways: 7^2 + 2^2 + 1^2 = 6^2 + 2(3^2) = 2(5^2) + 2^2 = 54. It is the smallest number with this property. Like all other multiples of 6, it is a semiperfect number.

The factorial of 54 is 230,843,697,339,241,380,472,092,742,683,027,581,083,278,564,571,807,941,132,288,000,000,000,000 or 230.843697339241 x 10^69

In base 10 it is a Harshad number.

In science


  • The Saros number of the solar eclipse series which began on -1284 July 25 and ended on 32 September. The duration of Saros series 54 was 1316.2 years, and it contained 74 solar eclipses.

  • The Saros number of the lunar eclipse series which began on -964 May 14 and ended on 334 July. The duration of Saros series 54 was 1298.1 years, and it contained 73 lunar eclipses.

In sports

  • Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears wears the number 54.
  • Allen Iverson scored 54 points (including his 15,000th career point) as the Sixers won 116-97 over the Bucks on December 19, 2004
  • Fewest points in an NBA playoff game: Chicago (96), Utah (54), June 7, 1998
  • The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994, after 54 years
  • For years car number 54 was NASCAR driver Lennie Pond
  • A score of 54 in golf is colloquially referred to as a perfect round. This score has never been achieved in competition.
  • Tedy Bruschi of the New England Patriots wears the number 54.
  • Randy White of the Dallas Cowboys wore the number 54 (5X numbers are reserved for linebackers, which White when drafted out of college played for his first few years, though he would play defensive tackle)
  • The number used when a player is defeated 3 games in a row in racquetball.(sport)
  • Former Los Angeles Lakers Kwame Brown wore 54.

In other fields

54 is also:

Historical years

54 A.D., 54 B.C., 1954, 2054, etc.

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