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72 (seventy-two) is the natural number following 71 and preceding 73. It is half a gross or 6 dozen (i.e., 60 in duodecimal).

In mathematics

Seventy-two is the sum of four consecutive primes (13 + 17 + 19 + 23), as well as the sum of six consecutive primes (5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19). The product of 8 and 9, 72 is a pronic number. And as a multiple of a perfect number, 72 is itself a semiperfect number.

The sum of Euler's totient function φ(x) over the first fifteen integers is 72. There are 17 solutions to the equation φ(x) = 72, more than any integer below 72, making it a highly totient number.

72 is the smallest number whose fifth power is the sum of 5 smaller fifth powers; 195 + 435 + 465 + 475 + 675 = 725

The sum of the eighth row of Lozanić's triangle is 72.

In a plane, the exterior angles of a regular pentagon measure 72 degrees each.

In base 10, the number 72 is a Harshad number.

In science

  • The atomic number of hafnium
  • In degrees Fahrenheit considered to be room temperature.
  • The average number of heartbeats per minute for a resting adult.
  • Percentage of water of which the human body is composed.
  • The life duration of the ovule is 72 hours.
  • The mass of the Moon is 1/72nd of that the Earth.
  • The volume of Saturn is 72 times of that the Earth.
  • The axis of the earth moves of one degree every 72 years compared to stars and to the vault of heaven.

In astronomy

In religion

  • The conventional number of scholars translating the Septuagint, according to the legendary account in the "Letter of Aristeas".
  • The conventional number of disciples sent forth by Jesus in Luke 10 in some manuscripts (seventy in others).
  • The number of hours Jesus was in the grave, before rising again.
  • The number of names of God, according to Kabbalah (see names of God in Judaism).
  • The Shemhamphorasch related to the number of the names of God.
  • The total number of books in the Holy Bible in the Catholic version if the Book of Lamentations is considered part of the Book of Jeremiah.
  • The current distribution of the Revelation book is 22 chapters, adopted since the 13th century. But such was not always the case. The oldest known division of the text is that the Greek commentator Andrew of Cesary (6th century) in 72 chapters. Although made with enough accuracy, this structuring could be easily reduced to 70, while putting in the same chapter, the numbers 60, 61 and 62 which constitute a whole, the millennial Reign. Andrew had wanted moreover group these 72 chapters three by three, in order to obtain 24 sections, corresponding to the 24 old mans. These 24 sections were completely arbitrary, and divided the texts at the wrong moment. Let us mention that the Codex Amiatinus and the Codex Fuldensis share the book of the Revelation in 25 chapters, and that some Latin handwritten find some from 22 to 44.
  • The number of warriors on the Muslim side at the Battle of Badrmarker.
  • The number of people martyred along with Imam Hussain at the Battle of Karbala.
  • The number of soldiers who will fight alongside Imam Mahdi against the Dajjal, according to Islamic ahadith.
  • The number of devils according to The Lesser Key of Solomon.
  • The 72 old men of the synagogue, according to the Zohar.
  • The degrees of the Jacob's ladder were to the number of 72, according to the Zohar.
  • The 72 disciples of Confucius.
  • The good God Osiris was enclosed in a coffin by 72 evil disciples and accomplices of Set.
  • It is the number of the Immortals Taoism.
  • At the age of the puberty, the young Parsee received the investiture of the sacred cord Kucti made of 72 linens in symbol of the community.

In other fields

Seventy-two is also:

In sports and games

  • The usual par for an 18 hole golf course, especially those in tournament play.
  • The number of victories the Chicago Bulls got in the 1995-96 NBA season, which is the NBA record.
  • Heavyweight boxer Joe Louis fought 72 fights (69-3)
  • While playing for the Chicago White Sox, Carlton Fisk wore #72. This was the inverse of the 27 he wore with the Boston Red Sox since that number was not available when he arrived in Chicago.
  • Former NFL defensive tackle William Perry, most famously of the 1985 Chicago Bears, wore #72.
  • King Of The Hill character Bill Daughtreve is often shown wearing #72 during his high school football playing days. The character's high school career shares many of the same elements as Perry's pro career.
  • The number of spaces in a game of Parcheesi, from start space to "home."
  • The number of tiles in the original base game of the popular Carcassonne .
  • The number of Stefan Everts, 10 time world champion in the sport of motocross
  • The year of the famous hockey summit series between Canada and USSR, commonly referred to as the '72 series


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