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The 92 KQRS Morning Show (also known as the KQ Morning Crew) is a popular, long-running radio morning show originating from KQRS-FM in Minneapolismarker, Minnesotamarker. It is currently hosted by Tom Barnard, and features several other regular personalities. It is also one of the highest-rated local morning shows in America.Lambert 2007: "How popular is Barnard? According to the most recent Arbitron ratings, released last week, [...] Barnard, put simply, IS morning drive radio in the Twin Cities. Everyone else could save the electricity. Among men 25-54 his show gobbles up a 31.7% share of the audience. 93X, (KQ's sister station), is second with 8.2." ==History== When KQRS - formerly a sleepy classic rock station with a reputation for "stoner" music - was acquired by ABC Radio Network in 1985, it decided to bring in a high-performance team to better utilize the station's 50,000 watts of power. It enlisted program director Dave Hamilton, an industry whiz kid, to turn the programming around. Hamilton in turn hired Barnard, a journeyman disc jockey and highly-successful voice-over artist, and Dan Culhane, another veteran local jock, to anchor the vital morning show. The show quickly generated huge numbers with its mix of irreverent and sometimes tasteless humor and, usually, very little music. The show dropped Dan Culhane in 1987, and over the years accreted a collection of other characters, with Mike "Stretch" Gelfand and Terri Traen joining in the early 1990s to anchor the rest of the cast. In 1997, competing station WBOB (100.3FM) picked up the syndicated version of the Howard Stern show, giving Barnard his sternest test yet. After a year and a half, Barnard became one of the few local morning shows in the country to best Stern in the local ratings; WBOB changed formats and dropped Stern. At around this time, Barnard and the Morning Show were recognized as the top-rated morning show in the country, in terms of audience share; the show had a higher percentage of local radio listenership than any other major-market morning show in the US. ==KQRS Morning Show members== ===Tom Barnard=== "Tommy B" is the host of the show. ===Terri Traen=== Born Theresa Traen, Married name Pawelk. Traen was raised in [[Delano, Minnesota|Delano]], [[Minnesota]]. She is the only on-air female crew member. Terri is famous among listeners for her many broadcasting gaffes. She also helps to promote the show by appearing in numerous spots (such as stores and bars) throughout the [[Twin Cities]]. As a [[Roman Catholic]], Traen often defends the church when others are more eager to criticize it. When anyone from [[United Kingdom|Britain]] is interviewed during the show, Traen often asks them if they ever knew, or met, [[Princess Diana]]. Also, during interviews with experts in any given field, a soundbyte of her asking if they "ever look[ed] for the [[F. Scott Fitzgerald]]" is played which references a gaffe made by her years ago confusing the author with the sunken ship [[Edmund P Fitzgerald]]. ===Bryce Crousore=== The show's producer who also appears on-air, Bryce is a recovering [[drug addict]] who freely speaks about his addiction and recovery. He frequently references pornographic films and websites, and is teased when women who claim to have large breasts call in because it gets him aroused. ===Mike "Stretch" Gelfand=== Short, middle-aged, [[Jewish]] and a self-proclaimed social liberal, Stretch provides a stark contrast to the rest of the show's largely conservative views. He often uses wit or dry humor when commenting on an issue and runs the show's [[dead pool]] with listeners as well as a weekly football pick segment. Mike came to this show via his career as a [[horse racing]] handicapper and fan; before KQRS, he co-hosted a sports-handicapping show at a small station in Anoka, MN (KANO-AM) with eventual WCCO-AM nightside host Dark Star, which led to his hiring at KQ. Gelfand still provides picks on a regular basis at [[Canterbury Park]]. Like Barnard, Gelfand is a voiceover artist and a member of the [[Screen Actors Guild]], and is a comedy writer; he wrote for and appeared in some episodes of the [[Nickelodeon (TV channel)|Nickelodeon]] show [[What Would You Do?]]. ===Phillip Wise=== A former [[NFL]] player and the lone African-American crew member who is almost always referenced when a news segment or topic is about African-Americans (who Barnard jokingly refers to as "Philly's cousins"). Despite the show's racial humor element, Wise and Barnard have been good friends since childhood. Wise is often the subject of racial teasing and plays into the jokes, referring to himself as "a black man in America today". ===Bob Sansevere=== Sansevere, a sports columnist for the [[St. Paul Pioneer Press]], joined the morning show with Jeff Passolt after the departure of Mark Rosen, and is known as "Sanny" by the listeners. His main duty on the show is to give sports news updates, and is usually only present for the first half of the show. He has also served as a city council member of the suburb of [[Orono, Minnesota|Orono]], where he and his wife Mary run a [[miniature horse]] ranch [], and hosted a social-commentary segment on [[KSTP-TV]] called "Sansevere Sounds Off" until February 2008. [] ===Brian Zepp=== The show's board operator (audio engineer), as well as host of the station's weekend "Best of the KQ Morning Show" anthology program, Zepp is a South Dakota native, a motorcycling enthusiast and Army veteran who, like Crousore, is very open about his love for beautiful, large-chested women. ===Jeff Passolt=== Local [[KMSP-TV]] news co-anchor who, like Sansevere, provides insight on news and sports topics being discussed. He was once urged by Barnard to run for political office (in much the same manner as Mark Rosen years earlier). ===Justin Severson=== The show's call screener who appears on air. Despite the fact that he is married, he is accused of being a [[homosexual]] on air, particularly by Brian and Bryce. He also moonlights as a beer vendor at [[Minnesota Twins]], Minnesota Vikings, and [[Minnesota Wild]] games. ==Former show members== ===Tony Lee=== Lee was the show and segment producer from its debut through early 2000, when he left amid a contract dispute. His most significant contributions were the "Tony Tunes," a series of song parodies written and performed largely on his own, and putting together the year-end compilation CDs that were released from 1989-2001. After his departure from KQ, he helped [[Radio One]] create urban station [[KTTB]] and in the fall of 2001 launched the sation's precursor to [[Tone E. Fly]]'s morning show. ===John Lassman=== Lassman is most known to listeners for his character '''The Chucker''', a bumbling jock who did off-air interviews and almost always mistook the interviewee's identity. It is rumored that Chucker interviews with (among others) [[Dennis Miller]] and [[Rob Schneider]] have caused them to never want to appear on KQ again. Lassman also created the '''Call of the Day Challenge''' in which listeners would send him ideas for prank phone calls. Perhaps the best known of these prank calls was one affectionately titled "Mooseburger," in which a man named Mooseburger thinks that comedian Jack Benny (by that time "Benny" was deceased) is the one making the prank phone call. He is now a programming director at [[CBS]]-owned Twin Cities stations [[WLTE]] and [[KZJK]]. ===Mark Curtis=== Former sports reporter for the show who was replaced by Rosen in the late 80's. Went on to work in the same capacity with [[Dave Pratt]] at [[KUPD]] in [[Phoenix, AZ]]. Currently is the 5, 6, and 10pm weekday news anchor at [[KPNX]] in Phoenix. ===Cabé=== The Cabé (the radio name of Lee Mroszak) joined KQ in early 1997 by way of [[Andy Savage]]'s morning show on sister station [[KXXR|93.7 The Edge]] after that station had flipped formats to [[active rock]]. His stay was short-lived, however; he managed to alienate [[Dennis Green]] during an interview at the 1997 [[Minnesota Vikings|Vikings]] [[training camp]], and on December 1, the morning of a seminal [[Monday Night Football]] game between the Vikings and the [[Green Bay Packers]], aired a bit that allegedly found [[Brett Favre]] in a hotel room with a woman that was not his wife. After protests from Favre, Packer fans, and the Packers organization, Cabé revealed the bit to be staged, and he apologized and was subsequently fired.Silverstein 1997: "The station, KQRS-FM, has apologized to Favre and the Packers for airing the hoax, perpetrated by deejay Lee Mroszak, who goes by the name of "Cabe." Mroszak was fired Wednesday after the station learned that the report had been staged." That same week, he was a guest on the [[Howard Stern Show]], where he proceeded to rip into the staff at KQ for making him take the fall. ===Dan Culhane=== Culhane - originally a co-host during the show's "Tom and Dan" days - was dropped from the show under uncertain circumstances in 1987. He's worked around the radio industry ever since, currently serving as production director for Salem Radio Network's Twin Cities outlets. ==Controversy== ===Asian-Americans=== On June 9, 1998, Barnard was reading a news item about a Hmong girl that had killed her newborn son. The crew made several derisive remarks; in particular, Barnard stated that Hmongs should "assimilate or hit the goddamn road" Evans 1998:"In a June 9 broadcast, Barnard sparked controversy by mocking news reports of a 13-year-old Wisconsin Hmong girl who was accused of killing her baby. Minnesota's Hmong community responded with outrage to Barnard's comments, which concluded, 'either assimilate or hit the [redacted] road.'" and, in response to his reading of the [[USD|$]]10,000 fine levied against the girl, "That's a lot of eggrolls." Collins 2007: "... Barnard and his co-hosts made fun of a teenage Hmong girl who was charged with killing her newborn son. [...] They said of her potential $10,000 fine: 'That's a lot of eggrolls.'" KQRS weathered protests from the Asian-American community and eventually issued a public apology in addition to making several PR-building concessions to the community. In a related concession, Tony Lee's stereotypical character "Tak" was axed from the show.

Native Americans

In September 2007, Terri and Tom made comments about the Minnesota Chippewa and Sioux tribes, respectively, and the American Indian Alliance that raised concerns from the tribes. The tribes mounted several protests throughout October, and the station again issued a public apology.

The "Phantom Caller"

Often though incorrectly by Terri to be the pestilent caller Steve from Winsted...



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