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The meridian 99° west of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Polemarker across the Arctic Oceanmarker, North America, the Pacific Oceanmarker, the Southern Oceanmarker, and Antarcticamarker to the South Polemarker.

The 99th meridian west forms a great circle with the 81st meridian east.

Starting at the North Polemarker and heading south to the South Polemarker, the 99th meridian west passes through:

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Country, territory or sea
Arctic Oceanmarker
Nunavutmarker - Meighen Islandmarker
Peary Channelmarker
Hassel Soundmarker
Nunavutmarker - Ellef Ringnes Islandmarker
Unnamed waterbody
Nunavutmarker - Ricards Island and Bathurst Islandmarker
Parry Channelmarker
Passing just west of Young Islandmarker, Nunavutmarker,

> Passing just east of Hamilton Islandmarker, Nunavutmarker,
Nunavutmarker - Russell Islandmarker, Mecham Island and Prince of Wales Islandmarker
Larsen Soundmarker
Victoria Straitmarker
Nunavutmarker - King William Islandmarker
Queen Maud Gulfmarker
Nunavutmarker - O'Reilly Island
Queen Maud Gulfmarker

> Manitobamarker - passing through Lake Winnipegmarker
North Dakotamarker

> South Dakotamarker

> Nebraskamarker

> Kansasmarker

> Oklahomamarker

> Texasmarker
Passing just east of Mexico Citymarker
Pacific Oceanmarker
Southern Oceanmarker
Unclaimed territory

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