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The A57 is a major road in Englandmarker. It runs east from Liverpoolmarker to Lincolnmarker, via Warringtonmarker, Irlammarker, Ecclesmarker, Salfordmarker and Manchestermarker, then through the Pennines over the Snake Passmarker (between the high moor lands of Bleaklowmarker and Kinder Scoutmarker), around the Ladybower Reservoirmarker, through Sheffieldmarker and past Worksopmarker.

Within Manchester a short stretch becomes the A57 motorwaymarker (Mancunian Waymarker).

The three-mile £4m Astonmarker Relief Road in Sheffieldmarker opened in mid-1985, with the old route now designated as the B6200.


Liverpool - Warrington

It begins at the A5036 The Strand Goree near the River Merseymarker, as a one way system of James Street, Castle Street and Water Street. It forms the east-west route through the north of the city centre with another one-way road system as Tithebarn Street (passing part of JMUmarker), Great Crosshall Street and Churchill Way in the east direction and Churchill Way and Dale Street in the west direction. The connecting roads Moorfields and Hatton Garden are also part of the A57, which join the east and west directions. In both directions, Churchill Way crosses the A59 near the entrance of the Queensway Tunnelmarker. It overlaps briefly with the A580 as Islington, separated as two one-way roads, then becomes Prescot Street, passing the Royal Liverpool University Hospitalmarker. At the junction with the B5340, it becomes Kensington, meeting the A5089 to the south and B5188 to the north, becoming Prescot Road. It crosses a railway at Fairfieldmarker passing St Anne's church on the left near the Stanley pub, overlapping with the B5189 Green Lane to the north. It meets the A5047 to the south near a Tescomarker and the B5189 at Old Swanmarker. At the junction with the A5058 Queens Drive it enters Knotty Ashmarker (with Alder Hey Children's Hospital to the north), becoming East Prescot Road and a trunk road. There is a roundabout and it enters Dovecotmarker before it passes through Huytonmarker. It meets the A526 Seth Powell Way to the north (for the M57), becoming Liverpool Road, At junction two of the M57, it meets the B5194 Knowsley Lane to the north and B5199 Huyton Lane to the south, and the start of the A58. It passes through Prescotmarker as the non-trunk Derby Street then High Street. It meets the A58 again and becomes a trunk road, then meets the B5200 (former route of the A57) at a roundabout, becoming Warrington Road. It crosses the Liverpool to Wigan Line near Scotchbarn Leisure Centre. It meets the B5201 to the north opposite Whistonmarker Hospital. It passes through Rainhillmarker passes meeting the B5413 near the train stationmarker. It passes Rainhill High School to the left, then St Bartholomew RC Primary School. At junction 7 of the M62, it meets the A557 (for Widnesmarker) and the St Helens Linkway A570 (for St Helensmarker). The road runs along the road from junction 7 for about a mile, then it meets the B5419 at crossroads, and the A569 to the left at Bold Heathmarker near the Griffin Inn. At Lingley Green [43312] it enters as Liverpool Road, passing the Trigger Pond pub on the left. It crosses the Liverpool to Manchester Line . At Great Sankeymarker, it becomes a dual-carriageway and meets the A562 at a roundabout.

Warrington - Manchester

The original route through Warrington town centre included the narrow Sankey Street, which required special narrow buses to be operated. The road now bypasses Warrington town centre via a new elevated road, Midland Way, before emerging at a roundabout junction with the A49. The road loses its trunk road status and becomes School Brow. Warrington Parish Church, St Elphin, is to the right, near the right turn for Church Street. The road becomes Manchester Road, and meets the A50 at crossroads. It passes through Bruchemarker, home of a former police training centremarker, and its running track. At Paddington, the road becomes dual-carriageway as New Manchester Road, passing close to Woolston Community High School. In Woolstonmarker, it becomes Manchester Road. It passes a 40mph speed camera near Woolston Leisure Cenmtre and enters Martinscroftmarker. At junction 21 of the M6, it becomes a trunk road and meets the B5210 Woolston Grange Avenue at a roundabout, then passes the Mascrat Manor at another roundabout. It traverses Rixton Moss, passing Ramswood Nurseries. It passes briefly through Rixton, with a right turn for Warburtonmarker over the Warburton toll bridge, and becomes dual-carriageway at Hollins Greenmarker. At the end of the dual-carriageway is a left turn for the B5212 for Glazebrook and its train stationmarker, and the it crosses the Glaze Brook as Liverpool Road, entering the district of Salfordmarker.

There is a new roundabout with the former road through Cadisheadmarker, and a new section of the A57 follows the Manchester Ship Canal. The former route is partly the B5417 (and the B5320 is an earlier route), continuing as Liverpool Road. The £11.3m Cadishead Way opened on September 16 2005. It meets the B5417 at a roundabout near Northbank Industrial Estate. It passes under the railway near the junction of the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal, and there is a left turn for the B5311. There is a new roundabout next to Irlam Locks and the Boat House pub and another with the B5320 at the end of the Cadishead Way, which bypasses Irlammarker. As Liverpool Road, it passes Boysnope Park Golf Club on Barton Moss, where the road becomes dual-carriageway. It passes the City Airport Manchestermarker on the left (former Barton Aerodrome before March 2007). At Peel Greenmarker, it meets the M60marker at junction 11, with the Barton High Level Bridge close by to the south.

After this junction the road enters Ecclesmarker and is no longer a trunk road, passing the Unicorn pub. It meets the B5211 at crossroads and crosses the Bridgewater Canal, then there is a left turn for the B5231 in Patricroftmarker for the train stationmarker. It enters the centre of Eccles, splitting into two as Church Street and Irwell Place going east, passing the library and a Morrisons, and Corporation Road going west. It meets a roundabout near the Ecclesmarker terminus of the Manchester Metrolink. It becomes the dual-carriageway Bentcliffe Way, meeting the A576 (for Trafford Parkmarker. It leaves the A576 near junction 2 of the M602, heading east as the single-carriageway Eccles New Road. It passes the Ladywell station on the right and meets the A5185 to the left. The Metrolink folloews the road on the right hand side. There is the B5228 to the left near the Weaste station. In Weastemarker, there is the Langworthy station near the A5186 left turn where the Metrolink leaves the road to the south. The road runs parallel to the M602 100m to the north. The road becomes the trunk road dual carriageway Regent Road at the junction with the terminus of the M602 and the A5063 (Albion Way north for the A6, and Trafford Road south for Salford Quaysmarker). It is now the main route into Manchester from the west, meeting the A5066 at crossroads, passes a Sainsbury'smarker on the left, then meets the B5461 and crosses the River Irwell where it enters the City of Manchester. There is a left turn for the A6143 Water Street (for Castlefieldmarker) and it becomes Dawson Street, is crossed by the Metrolink (for Altrinchammarker), passes over the Bridgewater Canal and Cheshire Ringmarker, then becomes Egerton Street. It runs into the A57marker - the Mancunian Way at the GSJ with the A56 Bridgewater Way. The Beetham Tower Manchestermarker is seen nearby to the left.

Manchester - Sheffield

It leaves the A57(M) at the A6 exit and follows Downing Street, and Ardwick Green South, passing through Brunswick and the Ardwick Green Barracks of the King's and Cheshire Regiment. The A6 leaves at a roundabout, and the road temporarily loses its trunk status. At the Ellen Wilkinson High School, it meets the A665, and becomes a trunk road as Hyde Road. It crosses under a railway and meets the A6010 at crossroads. It passes through Belle Vuemarker, meets the B6178 (for Levenshulmemarker), crosses a railway near the Belle Vue railway stationmarker, entering Gortonmarker. It meets the B6167 (for North Reddishmarker). It enters the borough of Tameside, becoming the dual-carriageway Manchester Road. It meets the M60marker at junction 24, and divides into two east and west routes next to Denton railway stationmarker on the left and a Sainsbury'smarker on the right, either side of the M67. They meet and the road loses its trunk status, entering Dentonmarker, passing the Christ Church Denton on the right. It meets the A6017 at crossroads, becoming Hyde Road with a Morrisons on the right. It meets junction 2 of the M67, which follows the road, near the church of St Anne and crosses the River Tamemarker, becoming Manchester Road. It crosses the Peak Forest Canalmarker and goes under the Hope Valley Line near Hyde Central railway stationmarker. The A627 overlaps and there it meets junction 3 of the M67 with an Asda on the right as it passes through Hydemarker as Market Street and Union Street and passes the Tameside College of Technology on the right. It leaves the A627 to the right as Mottrammarker Road, with a Morrisons on the left next to the M67, entering Godleymarker and passing under the Glossop Line near Godley railway stationmarker and Godley Reservoir. It passes through Hattersleymarker, and mets the final junction of the M67 - junction 4 - at a roundabout with the dual-carriageway A560 (for Stockportmarker). It resumes its trunk road status as Hyde Road, passing through Mottram in Longdendalemarker, where there are crossroads at traffic lights with the B6174. Leaving Mottram, it meets the A6018 to the left (from Stalybridgemarker) at traffic lights. It becomes Mottram Moor and at the next junction, it leaves to the right, with the A628 continuing straight on. It loses trunk road status and becomes Woolley Lane, passing through part of Hollingworthmarker. It crosses the River Etherow, entering Derbyshiremarker and the High Peakmarker district. It enters Brookfield and meets the A626 (for Marplemarker) from the right. It passes under the Glossop Line, at the Dinting viaduct, again near Dinting railway stationmarker as it passes through Dintingmarker and the primary school. The A6016 leaves to the right and the road enters Glossopmarker as High Street West passing a Tescomarker on the left. It meets the A624 (for Hayfieldmarker) and the B6105 at crossroads in the middle of the town, near the railway stationmarker. It becomes High Street East, passing Glossop Leisure Centre on the right. There is a roundabout and it becomes Sheffield Road, then Woodcock Road as it leaves Glossop and enters the Peak District National Parkmarker (Dark Peak). There is a sharp bend to the right and it becomes Snake Passmarker. It climbs up Holden Clough and at Featherbed Moss, it is crossed by the Pennine Waymarker at the summit at 1550ft, with the hills of Bleaklowmarker to the left and Kinder Scoutmarker to the right. Here it enters the National Trust's High Peak Estatemarker. It passes the Doctor's Gate and follows the Lady Clough valley downhill to a point where Lady Clough meets the River Ashop, passing the Snake Pass Inn on the left. It follows the River Ashopmarker closely to the north in the Woodlands Valley for about four miles, and leaves the High Peak Estate. It crosses the River Alportmarker.

It crosses Ladybower Reservoirmarker at Ashopton Bridge. It meets the A6013 (for Bamford) and passes the Ladybower Inn. It climbs the valley and passes over Cutthroat Bridge. It is at about 1200ft as it enters South Yorkshiremarker and the city of Sheffieldmarker. It follows down the hill as Manchester Road past Hollow Meadows. Following the hill down into Sheffield, it passes the New Norfolk Arms on the left, with the Rivelin Dams on the right with the Rivelin Rocksmarker high on the left, and leaves the Peak District National Park. At the Rivelin Mill Bridge it crosses the River Rivelinmarker and the A6101 leaves to the left. It passes the Bell Hagg Inn on the left, then the Sportsman in Crosspoolmarker. It enters Tapton Hill and passes the Lydgate Junior School and Tapton School. It meets Fulwood Road in Broomhillmarker. The B6069 leaves to the right, and it becomes Whitham Road. It passes Weston Hospital and as Western Bank, it passes Sheffield Children's Hospitalmarker then the Octagon Centremarker on the right and becomes the dual-carriageway Brook Hill, passing straight through the University of Sheffield with its Arts Towermarker and Alfred Denny Buildingmarker seen to the left, and the Hicks Buildingmarker seen to the right. It becomes Broad Lane in Netherthorpe, passing the former Jessop Hospitalmarker and then St George's Churchmarker in Portobello (now part of Sheffield University). At a roundabout it passes the City Plaza, becoming Tenter Street then Westbar Green. It becomes West Bar, passing the Law Courts on the left, then the police headquarters and Castle Marketmarker on the right as Bridge Street. It passes close to the River Don on Castlegate, becoming Exchange Place. It becomes the Sheffield Parkwaymarker (built in 1974), Sheffield's main route to the M1, meeting a roundabout.

Sheffield - Worksop

It meets the A6102 at a GSJ, near the Sheffield Park Academymarker. At Bowden Housteads Woodsmarker, it leaves to the right at a GSJ, passing Athelstan Primary School becoming single-carriageway (three lanes). It passes the City Schoolmarker in Richmondmarker and meets the B6064 at a roundabout, being followed by the Trans Pennine Trailmarker. It passes Hackenthorpemarker and meets the B6053 (for Crystal Peaksmarker) at a roundabout, becoming a short section of dual-carriageway until another nearby roundabout at Beightonmarker. It crosses the River Rothermarker, entering the borough of Rotherhammarker, and meets a roundabout. It crosses the Sheffield to Lincoln Line and at the roundabout at Swallownest with the former route (B6200) turns right onto Aston Way. At Astonmarker, it meets the A618 from the left, then the A618 leaves to the right at the next roundabout. The Aston Relief Road ends where it meets the M1 at junction 31, just after the junction for the former route (B6067). It becomes the dual-carriageway Worksop Road, and now the level of traffic increases as it is a major east-west route. It becomes single-carriageway and meets the B6463 from the left, near Todwickmarker and Red Lion Inn. At South Anstonmarker, it meets the B6059. It crosses a railway and Lindrick Common near Woodsettsmarker.

Worksop - Lincoln

The five-mile £11.3m Worksopmarker Southern Bypass opened in May 1986. It starts at the roundabout with the B6041 (for Gatefordmarker and the former route through Worksop). The next short section is dual-carriageway to the Shireoaksmarker roundabout, which also has access to the Gateford and Dukeries industrial estates. It becomes single-carriageway and crosses the Sheffield to Lincoln Line, at the junction with the Robin Hood Line, and over the Chesterfield Canalmarker. It meets the A60 (for Worksop) at the Rhodesia Roundabout, near Rhodesiamarker, a Sainsbury'smarker and a McDonalds. The next short section, overlapping with the A60 and crossing the River Rytonmarker, is dual-carriageway to the roundabout with the A60 (for Mansfieldmarker) and B6024, near the Total Dukeries Garage and the Worksop Little Chef. From here, it is single carriageway (excluding the A1 section). There is a roundabout with the B6034 (for Ollertonmarker) near Worksop College and Portland School. It passes the former site of Mantonmarker Colliery, and a large B & Q depot on the left. There is a roundabout with the B6040 (former route through Worksop), which has access to Manton Wood Enterprise Zone. It passes a large Wilkinson depot on the left and goes through Clumber Parkmarker. It meets the A1marker at the Apleyhead Junction, with the A614, also known as Five Lanes End. The former roundabout was grade-separated in November 2007. Via the A1, it passes Elkesleymarker and the Retford Gamston Airportmarker, where it crosses the River Idlemarker. Near to West Drayton it crosses the River Maunmarker. At the next roundabout with the A638 (for Retfordmarker) and B1164 (for West Markham) at Markham Moormarker (again being grade-separated) there is the Markham Hotel and two Little Chefs, including one designed by Sam Scorer with a hyperbolic paraboloid-shaped roof that was destined to be demolished. It leaves up a hill to the left, passing East Markhammarker, and crosses the East Coast Main Line. It meets the A6075 (for Tuxfordmarker and Ollerton) from the right near Darltonmarker where it passes St Gile's church. There are turns for East Draytonmarker to the left and Ragnallmarker on the right, and the power stations of Cottammarker and (former) High Marnham are to the north and south. It goes through Dunham on Trent, where it passes the White Swan, Bridge Inn and St Oswald's church. It crosses the River Trent at Dunham Bridgemarker (toll) where there are queues, entering Lincolnshiremarker and the district of West Lindseymarker as Dunham Road. The Trent Valley Way joins at Dunham and leaves to the south at the other end of the bridge. It meets the A1133 (for Gainsboroughmarker) at Newton on Trent. There is a turn for Thorney to the right, and the road follows the boundary of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire for about two miles, until the junction with the B1190 at Tom Otter's Bridge. The Fossdyke Navigationmarker runs alongside from the junction with the A156, and the road becomes Gainsborough Road passing Drinsey Nook. It enters Saxilbymarker, passing the Total Ottersbridge Service Station, crossing the Sheffield to Lincoln Line and Fossdyke, passing the Bridge Inn and meeting the B1241, for Sturton by Stowmarker. It crosses the River Tillmarker as Lincoln Road. There is a roundabout for Burtonmarker and Burton Waters Marina, then the road enters the borough of Lincoln near Bishop Bridge and meets the A46 Lincoln Bypass at a roundabout. It enters Lincoln as Carholme Road passing the Total Winning Post Service Station, then meets the B1273 Lincoln inner ring road, becoming Newland, where it passes the offices of Lincolnshire County Council on the left. It follows the dual-carriageway Wigford Way next to Brayford Poolmarker and the University of Lincolnmarker, over the River Withammarker, where it meets the B1262 High Street. It becomes St Mary's Street and passes the train stationmarker on the right. It splits into Oxford Street, Pelham Street and Norman Street where it meets the A15 at Pelham Bridge, close to the large Siemens engineering company.


Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car wreck on this road, shortly before they started recording Hysteria, their fourth album, but he still records and tours with Def Leppard to this day.

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