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This article is about the American news organization. For the Australian news organisation by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, see ABC News . For other uses see ABC News .

ABC News is a news organizing and broadcasting division of Americanmarker television network ABC.


ABC began news broadcasts early in its independent existence as a radio network after the FCC ordered the former NBC Blue Network to be spun off as an independent company in 1943. This was done to keep single or a few companies such as NBC and CBS from dominating radio broadcasting in the United States, and in particular, from dominating news and political broadcasting and projecting narrow points-of-view. Television Broadcasting was suspended however, during World War II.

Regular ABC television news broadcasts began soon after ABC started transmitting from its initial New York Citymarker TV station and production center in late summer 1948. ABC-TV news broadcasts have continued as the ABC television network spread across the country, a process that took many years, from that beginning in 1948 through today, but they have not always had the same level of success that they enjoy now. Throughout the 1950s, the 1960s, and the early 1970s, ABC News consistently ranked third in viewership behind CBS News and NBC News. Until the 1970s, the ABC-TV network had fewer affiliate stations, and also weaker prime-time programming lineups to support the network's news departments than the two larger networks had, each of which had established their radio news operations during the 1930s.

It wasn't until Roone Arledge, the former head of ABC-TV Sports broadcasting, became the president of ABC News in 1977, at a time when this network's prime-time entertainment programs were achieving good ratings and drawing in advertising revenues and profits to the ABC corporation overall, that this network was first able to invest the resources to make it a major source of news telecasting. Arledge, known for experimenting with the broadcast "model," created many of ABC News' most popular and enduring programs, including 20/20, World News Tonight, This Week, Nightline, and Primetime Live.

ABC News gained respect in the early 1980s by covering the Iran hostage crisis and, later, for covering the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquakemarker in the San Francisco Bay Areamarker with live telecasts.

Arledge turned ABC News into a broadcasting titan, regularly defeating his rivals NBC and CBS. ABC-TV itself remained dominant for over two decades, while in the news department, the late Peter Jennings was the principal anchor of a news department that had become a lot more significant, though always in third place in the ratings. The ABC network remains a strong competitor today, running close to and sometimes surpassing the audience levels of its rival NBC-TV both in the crucial morning time slot and in the evening newscast race.

The ABC News slogan, "More Americans get their news from ABC News than from any other source", is a claim that refers to the number of people who watch, listen, and read ABC News programming on television, the radio, and the Internet, and not necessarily to the telecasts alone.

ESPN, also owned by Disney, provides sports bulletins and video for some of ABC's newscasts, especially the overnight programs.

International broadcasts

ABC News programming is shown daily on the 24 hour news network Orbit News in Europe and the Middle East. This includes several shows from ABC News. It's also available online at ABC News Now.

ABC's World News appears regularly at 1:30 am local time on the BBC News Channel in the U.K.marker, which itself may be simulcast on BBC One or Two during the overnight period. No commercials are presented, since the BBC's services in the U.K. are financed through license fees. ABC and the BBC also share video segments and reporters as needed in producing their newscasts.

In Australia, ABC World News is broadcast at 10:30am daily and the "Nightline" program is telecast at 1:30am daily on Sky News Australia. In Australia, this can be confusing, because there, "ABC News" means the news broadcasts of the Australian Broadcasting Corporationmarker. Also, the "Primetime" program is broadcast at 2:00 pm on Saturdays (Extended Edition) and at 1:30 pm on Thursdays. The "20/20" program is telecast at 2:00 pm on Sundays (Extended Edition) and on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm.In New Zealand, ABC World News is broadcast daily at 5:10 pm and at again 11:35 pm. Just as with the BBC News in the U.K., these are shown without any ads (commercials) on TVNZ's 7 network.

Other Forms of Broadcasting

ABC News Radio distributes, through Citadel Media, newscasts on the hour, live feeds and specialty news programming to some 2,000 local affiliates.

ABC NewsOne is ABC News's affiliate news service. It gathers and feeds regional, national and international news material to ABC affiliates around the country and foreign networks.

ABC News Now is the ABC's 24/7 news channel available online and other sources such as mobile phones.

A 30 second "ABC News Brief" is broadcast weekdays at 2:58pm ET, between One Life to Live and General Hospital. ABC News Briefs formerly appeared during many programs, and had sponsorships (similar to NBC News Update).

A news brief containing information relevant to college students is shown every hour on MtvU, and ABC News segments are packaged or customized for broadcast over Wal-Martmarker's in-store television network.

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