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The AJ-10 is a hypergolic rocket engine. It has been used to propel the upper stages of several carrier rockets, including the Delta II and Titan III. It will also be used as the main engine of the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle for NASAmarker's Project Constellation.

It was first used in the Able second stage of the Vanguard rocket, in the AJ-10-118 configuration. It was fuelled by nitric acid and UDMH. On the first Vanguard flight, Vanguard TV3 on 6 December 1957, a problem with the vehicle's first stage caused the rocket to explode on the launch pad. Another launch attempt, on 5 February 1958, also failed during the first stage burn. An AJ-10 engine was first fired in flight during the third Vanguard launch, on 17 March 1958, which successfully placed the Vanguard 1 satellite into orbit.

The AJ-10-101 engine was used on an uprated version of the Able, used on Atlas-Able and Thor-Able rockets. The first flight, of a Thor-Able, occurred on 23 April 1958, however the Thor failed before the upper stage fired. The second flight, which saw the first firing of an AJ-10-101 engine, occurred on 10 July 1958.

The Apollo Service Module's Service Propulsion System used a single AJ-10-137 engine.

The version currently in use on the Delta II rocket's upper stage, the Delta-K, is the AJ-10-118K. It uses Aerozine 50 propellent, and N2O4 oxidiser.

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