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The APRA Awards are several award ceremonies run in Australia and New Zealandmarker by Australasian Performing Right Association to recognise songwriting skills, sales and airplay performance by its members annually.

These awards are to honour achievements by songwriters including the APRA Awards, the APRA Classical Music Awards and the Screen Awards, all in Australia. In New Zealand, the annual Silver Scroll is awarded by an anonymous judging panel to the year's best-written song on commercial release. Also awarded are the songs receiving the most airplay in New Zealand and overseas for the year.

APRA Awards (Australia)

The APRA Awards were established in 1982 to honour songwriters and music composers for their efforts. The award categories are:

Song of the Year

Song of the Year is decided by the votes of APRA members. All eligible songs must be written by an APRA member and released in the preceding calendar year for consideration. The Song of the Year award is considered one of the most prestigious of the APRA awards.

Songwriter of the Year

Songwriter of the Year is voted by APRA's Board of Writer and Publisher Directors rewarding the songwriter who has recorded the most impressive body of work in the previous year.

The Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music

The Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music' is decided by APRA's Board of Writer and Publisher Directors for a lifetime contribution. The Award is named after Ted Albert whose company Albert Productions put out records by The Easybeats, AC/DC and John Paul Young.

Breakthrough Songwriter Award

Breakthrough Songwriter Award is decided by APRA's Board of Writer and Publisher Directors for an emerging songwriter or groups of writers. The award category was first introduced by APRA in 2002.

Awards for Most Performed Works

There are a number of awards given for most performed work based on a statistical analysis of APRA's database. These awards include "Most Performed Australian Work of the Year", Most Performed Australian Work Overseas", "Most Performed Foreign Work", "Most Performed Jazz Work", "Most Performed Country Work" and "Most Performed Dance Work".

APRA's Top 30 Australian Songs

As part of its 75th anniversary celebrations in 2001 APRA created a list of the top 30 Australian songs. A panel of 100 music personalities were asked to list the ten best Australian songs, the data was compiled and the Top Ten in numerical order, was announced at the 2001 APRA Awards ceremony. At the ceremony You Am I performed the #1 listed song "Friday on My Mind" with Ross Wilson performing the #2 listed song "Eagle Rock". The next 20 songs in the Top 30 had been announced four weeks earlier.

APRA - Australian Musical Centre Classical Music Awards

In 2001, APRA joined forces with the Australian Music Centre (AMC) to present awards for Australian classical music. The AMC had been presenting awards for classical music since 1988 although funding cuts meant that no awards were presented between 1993 and 1995. The participation of APRA helped to secure the future of the awards which are the only Australian awards for contemporary Australian classical music. This award has been won by composers including Brenton Broadstock, Ross Edwards, Liza Lim, Richard Mills, and Peter Sculthorpe.

Screen Music Awards (Australia)

APRA presents award for music used in films together with the Australian Guild of Screen Composers with the first awards presented in 1992.

  • 2002 Awards
International Achievement Award - David Hirschfelder
Best Feature Film Score - Alan John for The Bank
Best Soundtrack Album - Paul Kelly, Mairead Hannan, Kev Carmody, John Romeril, Deirdre Hannan and Alice Garner for One Night the Moon
  • 2003 Awards
International Achievement Award - Bruce Smeaton
Best Feature Film Score - Nigel Westlake for The Nugget
Best Soundtrack Album -Cezary Skubiszewski for After the Deluge
  • 2004 Awards
International Achievement Award - Lisa Gerrard
Best Feature Film Score - Elizabeth Drake for Japanese Story
Best Soundtrack Album - Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon and Richard Tognetti for Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
  • 2005 Awards
International Achievement Award - Bruce Rowland
Best Feature Film Score - Ben Ely, Matthew Fitzgerald, Tom Schutzinger and Peter Kelly (Decoder Ring) for Somersault
Best Soundtrack Album - Roger Mason for The Extra
  • 2006 Awards
International Achievement Award - Peter Best
Best Feature Film Score - Francois Tetaz for Wolf Creek
Best Soundtrack Album - David Bridie, Albert David and Kadu for R.A.N
  • 2007 Awards
International Achievement Award - The Wiggles
Best Feature Film Score - Nigel Westlake for Miss Potter
Best Soundtrack Album - Nigel Westlake for Miss Potter
  • 2008 Awards
International Achievement Award - Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone
Best Feature Film Score - David Hirschfelder for Children of the Silk Road
Best Soundtrack Album - Michael Yezerski for The Black Balloon

APRA Silver Scroll (New Zealand)

Each year all songwriters with a song on general release that year can enter the Silver Scroll. An anonymous judging panel considers a shortlist of songs awards the Scroll purely on the basis of songwriting.

Silver Scroll winners

  • 1965: Wayne Kent-Healey, "Teardrops"
  • 1966: Ray Columbus, "I Need You"
  • 1967: Roger Skinner, "Let's Think of Something"
  • 1968: David Jordan, "I Shall Take My Leave"
  • 1969: David Jordan (second award), "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"
  • 1970: Wayne Mason (The Fourmyula), "Nature"
  • 1971: Corben Simpson, "Have You Heard a Man Cry?"
  • 1972: Stephen Robinson, "Lady Wakes Up"
  • 1973: Ray Columbus (second award) and Mike Harvey, "Jangles, Spangles and Banners"
  • 1974: John Hanlon, "Lovely Lady"
  • 1975: John Hanlon (second award), "Windsongs"
  • 1976: Mike Harvey (second award), "All Gone Away"
  • 1977: Lea Maalfrid, "Lavendar Mountain"
  • 1978: Steve Allen: "Why Do They?"
  • 1979: Sharon O'Neill, "Face In a Rainbow"

  • 1980: Paul Scheuder, "You've Got Me Loving You"
  • 1981: No award
  • 1982: Stephen Young, "I Can't Sing Very Well"
  • 1983: Stephen Bell-Booth, "All I Want Is You"
  • 1984: Hammond Gamble, "Look What Midnight's Done to Me"
  • 1985: Malcolm Black and Nick Sampson (Netherworld Dancing Toys), "For Today"
  • 1986: Tony Waine, "Abandoned By Love"
  • 1987: Dave Dobbyn, "You Oughta Be In Love"
  • 1988: Shona Laing, "Soviet Snow"
  • 1989: Stephen Bell-Booth (second award), "Hand It Over"
  • 1990: Guy Wishart, "Don't Take Me For Granted"
  • 1991: Rikki Morris, "Heartbroke"
  • 1992: Shona Laing (second award), "Mercy of Love"
  • 1993: Dave Dobbyn (second award), "Belle of the Ball"
  • 1994: Don McGlashan (The Mutton Birds), "Anchor Me"
  • 1995: Mary Tierney, Paul Casserly, and Anthony Ioasa (Strawpeople), "Sweet Disorder"
  • 1996: Bic Runga, "Drive"
  • 1997: Greg Johnson, "Liberty"
  • 1998: Dave Dobbyn (third award), "Beside You"
  • 1999: Bill Urale (King Kapisi), "Reverse Resistance"
  • 2000: Chris Knox: "My Only Friend"
  • 2001: Neil Finn, "Turn and Run" (with Sheryl Crow)
  • 2002: Che Ness (a.k.a. Che Fu) and Godfrey de Grut, "Misty Frequencies"
  • 2003: Donald McNulty, Te Awanui Reeder, David Atai, Junior Rikiau and Feleti Strickson-Pua (Nesian Mystik), "For the People"
  • 2004: Malo Luafutu (Scribe) and Peter Wadams (P-Money), "Not Many"
  • 2005: Dan Hume, Peter Hume and Jon Hume (Evermore), "It's Too Late"
  • 2006: Don McGlashan (second award), "Bathe in the River"
  • 2007: Brooke Fraser, Albertine
  • 2008: Jason Kerrison, Bobby Kennedy, Matt Treacy & Clinton Harris (Opshop), "One Day"

Multiple Silver Scroll winners

Airplay awards for New Zealand songs

As the body responsible for paying royalties, APRA is also names the New Zealand songs most played in New Zealand and around the world each year. While the national award is very highly contested, the international airplay award has been monopolised by Neil Finn since Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over went to #2 in the USA in 1986.

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