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Aarani (Tamil : ஆரணி which is written as Arani or Arni) is a town and a municipality in Tiruvanamalai district in the state of Tamil Nadumarker, Indiamarker. The name comes from the word araneeyam which means a place surrounded by a forest.


Aarani is located at on the banks of the Kamandala Naaga river. It has an average elevation of .

It is located about from Velloremarker and from Thiruvannamalai.

A bypass road is under construction outside Arni.


Aarani had a population of 60,888. The population is evenly split between males and females. 10% of the population is under 6 years of age. Aarani has an average literacy rate of 72%, higher than the national average of 59.5%.


Hypothesis #1

In olden days Arni was called Aranyam. Aar means Athi tree; such trees once covered the region. In the north of Arni, there was a river, the Kamandala Naga river. These trees and river looked like an ornament; hence the name Arni.

Hypothesis #2

The river Kamandala Naga Nathi flows in one side and the Tatchur river flows in other side as ornament (In Tamil literature ornament means "Ani") so Aaru(River) is making Ani(Ornament) hence the name Arani.


Arni was ruled by the Cholas after they defeated the Pallavas. Some of the important Chola kings who ruled out Arni are Kulothunga Cholan I, Vikrama Cholan, and Kulothunga Cholan II.

During the rule of the Vijayanagara Kingdom in Arni, the Dasara function was celebrated grandly.

Poosi Malai Kuppam is away from Arni. Thirumalai Saheb built a sophisticated bungalow for his lover, an Anglo-Indian lady, there. During the Nawab period, there was a struggle between the British, French and Nawab Hyder Ali. The victorious British captured Arni. There is also a palace near the town, now used by the Agriculture Department.

The town was used by Arcotmarker nawabs for their military training campus. There is also a palace near the town, which is now used by the Agriculture Department.

Arni and the Congress Movement

The Congress movement in Arni was started by A. M. Parasurama Naicker, M. V. Subramania Sasthriar,S.A. Allala sundaram Mudaliyār, Y. N. Govindaraju Chettiar, and others. In 1922, Mahatma Gandhi went to Arni twice, to attend a meeting for Harijan development. These people welcomed Gandhiji, and took part in the Simon Commission movement.

Industry, commerce and company

Aarani is well known for its rice paddies; there are around 278 modern rice mills in the town.

The town also has a large community of silk weavers, called sengunthars, who specialize in making silk sarees. Hand looms are most frequently used for the weaving, although recently some have turned to mechanized methods such as Power looms. Arni is the number one in revenue earning among Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu. Though the town is not well known outside Tamil Nadu, a bulk of India's silk apparels is produced by the people of Arni.

Educational improvement

At ACS college which is under MGR University a number of students got placements in big MNC's every year.

New schools are spreading up rapidly in and around Arni. For example Orange International School, Pinkz School, AIM School.

Local attractions

Sri Renugammbal temple and Sri Venugopalaswamy temple are some famous temples in Aarani. The city is also located near the holy place of Padaiviidu.

Near the Kamandala Naga Nadhi River there is an old temple known as Shri Puthra Kamateeswara Thirukoil which is famous for Puthra Kameshti yoga. People who do not have children do this yoga on auspicious days. It is said that the Ayodhyamarker king Dasaratha did Puthra Kameshti yoga in this temple and thus Rama was born. There is an idol of Dasaratha at the entrance of the temple to commemorate this.

A Temple called arulmigu visalakshi sameda arulmigu viswanatheswaran, situated in kalpoondi village on vazhapandal road is about 500 years old and is considered to be an equal to kasi temple.Opposite the Shri Puthra Kamateeswar temple one more sivan temple is there at pazhanggamoorThe temple name is kasi vishvanadar kovil its power like kasi temple.

It's quite interesting to note that on the one side on the banks of kamandala naga rivernear pazhangamoor a tepmle of puthra kameshti eswara is situated where the Maha chakravarthy Dhasaratha performed a penance for puthra kameshti yaga as a result of which raghu vamsa Rama and three others were born in kamba ramayana in Tamil in thiru avathara padalam it is well said valaiyodu thigiriyum vadavaithedhara vilaitharu karu vudai vikol payalum ilayavar ena adi paravi ehinan valai madil ayodhdhiyil varudhumenranan. Further masarathan manaiyavum varamum vazhvumor nizharatdha kanaikalal neeru seiya yam kasa raga thuraga mak kadal kol kavalavalan dasarathan madhalai yai varudhum tharani. on the other on the south of arani a village called paiyur where virupachieswarar temple( a ruined monument remains of visalakshi samedha virupaksheeswarar )(supposed to be northeast end ) where pattinathu pillaiyar (Pattinathar)has dedicated a song to the virupaksheswarar situated paiyur as under

"மாதா உடல் சலித்தாள்; வல்வினையேன் கால் சலித்தேன்வேதாவும் கை சலித்து விட்டானே -நாதாஇருப்பையூர் வாழ் சிவனே, இன்னுமோர் அன்னைகருப்பையூர் வாராமற் கா!"

On the north and north west of this village the karia manicka perumal temple and Ponniamman teple are also situated,adding virtues to these significance. That means one side the maha chakravarthi is praying for a birth of a child and god himself is planning to incoronate in human form the great avathar of Rama.

And on the other side pattinathar a sanyasin having prayed to lord shiva that there should be no rebirth as having been tired of born repeatedly in various mothers stomuch and in various life all the mothers haven been tired and having wandered various places in various births the begotten child have also been tired and lord brahma himself has been tired of having given variuous life and birth to him. there need to be research on the significance attached to puthra kameteshwarar temple both mythologically and scientifically for the presence availability of any specialised herbal medicines in Aarani

Health Care


Public Hospitals

  • Govt. Hospital

Private Hospitals

  • St.Mary's Hospital,
  • P.S.G. Nursing Home,
  • Sri Sakthi Nursing Home,
  • Dr.Murali's Clinic


ACS Group of Colleges

Government Colleges


VPR group of colleges

  • Sri Bharathi women arts & Science college
  • Polytechnic College
  • Engineering College


  • JTR Vidhyalaya
  • Pinkz Public School. A International Standard School, Arni-Polur Road, Kasthambadi
  • Jupiter Schools International (proposed)
  • St. Mary's Matriculation Hr. Sec. School
  • St. Joseph Boys Hr. Sec. School
  • Subramania Sasthriar Hr. Sec. School
  • Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School
  • Govt. Girls Hr. Sec. School
  • St. Joseph Girls Hr. Sec. School
  • Rama krishna matric School
  • C.S.I High school
  • Orange international school
  • Aim Matriculation School

S. S. Hr. Sec School

Subramania Sastiryar Higher Secondary School has a good history long back to 1911. The school is named after famous freedom fighter from arni Subramania Sastri. Many students from the school are placed in high post in various organisation. Till 1990, the school outperformed the other schools in the district in terms of examination results. Later in 90s, the results dipped and creating negative image about school. Slowly the school is picking momentum now-a-days.

The Pinkz School

The Pinkz School is a recent entry into the domain of quality education. It boasts of one of the most committed staff and extraordinary infrastructure. The curriculum is exclusively designed to improve concept building and discourage mugging. The emphasis is on the holistic development of the child rather than only studies. The atmosphere is extremely student friendly. In the years to come, it will be one of the best schools in the district.

Industrial training

  • Arni ITI

Teacher training institutes

  • Sharif Teachers Training Institute
  • Sri Balaji Teachers Training College
  • Arni Teachers Training Institute


  • Vembuli Amman (வேம்புலி அம்மன்) Festival is a grand Carnival for the town arni, It will occur once in a year in the month of August, Nearly one lakh people will gather at the temple at this festive time.
  • Shri Puthra Kamateeswara Thirukoil will get populated with massive crowd at the time of Kaanum Pongal (காணும் பொங்கல்)


Recently Arni has been converted into a MP constitunecy. Arni assembly constituency was part of Vellore .


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