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The high Val Maira, near Chiappera
Chiappera, a hamlet within the commune

Acceglio is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italianmarker region Piedmont. It is located above Prazzomarker in the upper Val Maira about 90 km southwest of Turinmarker and about 45 km west of Cuneomarker, on the border with France. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 167 and an area of 151.5 kmĀ².

Acceglio borders the following municipalities: Argenteramarker, Bellinomarker, Canosiomarker, Larche (France), Meyronnesmarker (France), Prazzomarker, and Saint-Paul-sur-Ubayemarker (France).


Acceglio has eleven frazioni whose elevation above sea level varies between approximately 1200 and 1650 metres:
  • Villar (1375 m)
  • Ponte Maira (1404 m)
  • Saretto (1533 m)
  • Chiappera (1614 m) (pictured)
  • Bargia (1401 m)
  • Lausetto (1510 m)
  • Colombata (1576 m)
  • Frere (1196 m)
  • Gheit (1372 m)
  • Chialvetta (1494 m)
  • Pratorotondo (1639 m)

Demographic evolution

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