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Achadinha do Baixo
Atxadinha du Baxu

Island: Santiagomarker

Distance from the island capital: about 40 to 50 km northwest of Praiamarker


about 200 m

Achadinha do Baixo (from Achadamarker and -inha meaning little, Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: Axtadinha du Baxu) is a village and a stream situated near the central part of Santiago Island in Cape Verdemarker. The village is linked with the a rural road and is approximately 40 km away from the capital.


The area around Achadinha do Baixo made up of farmlands with some forests around the village. Crops, groves and pastures covers the area. The rest of the area are made up of barren rocks with grasslands and bushes and the mountains dominates around the area.


Most of the houses were built in the late-20th century, some homes are built with mud and brick as well as stone which was common until the mid-20th century, a small fraction uses steel reinforced concrete. The living standards are around the low range as well as its income, one time, there were no money until the mid-20th century. The village is in the island's low to middle to upper class. Much of the population are farmers and are based in agriculture where banana plantations, pineapple, livestock and other crops including fruits and vegetables are common, the rest works in shops, ports and other businesses including its ports, services and markets, the remainder are fishers. Electricity as well as communications, other necessities and phone lines were introduced and serves many houses since the mid-20th century and serves much of the population.


The panorama includes the mountains of the central and the southern portions the island including the island's tallest peak, the Pico d'Antóniamarker.

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