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Activia is a brand of probiotic dairy products owned by Danone company, known as Dannon in the USAmarker. Activia is marketed as a health beneficial product, with focus on improved digestion. Activia products contain the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacterium animalis.

Activia yogurts contain real fruit parts. Activia is classified as a functional food designed to address digestive health. Such products typically contain a proprietary strain of probiotics and may also contain prebiotics. Danone claims that the "Bifidus Regularis" or "Bifidus Actiregularis" (both are brand names of Bifidobacterium animalis) helps digestive discomfort and irregularity.

Variations of Products Worldwide

Activia products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. The product line is diverse and varies by country.

In the United States of Americamarker the products include plain and flavoured semi-solid yogurts in regular and "light" (ie fat free). There is also a fiber-enhanced yogurt with added cereal and a bottled yogurt variety. Packaging options include a 24 oz. pack that is not available in European markets. In addition to the usual fruit flavors, the US also has key lime.

In Britainmarker the range of products offered is wider. It includes the same semi-solid yogurts in more flavours with additional ones being mango, fig and rhubarb, plus intensely creamy yogurts and yogurts with fruit layers. The "Light" series has been replaced with "Fat Free."

In Francemarker semi-solid yogurts and yogurts with fruit layers are for sale. Unique flavours include coconut. The low-fat line is marketed as 0%.

In Brazilmarker both yogurts and yogurt-like drinks are available. In addition to the usual worldwide fruit flavours are some unique varieties such as honey with carrot. The low-fat line is marketed as 0%.

In Russiamarker the products include yogurts, yogurt-like drinks and kefir, a drink traditionally popular in CIS countries. The fibre yogurt series includes three muesli flavours in addition to the cereal flavour also found in the UK. Drinking yogurt variations include pineapple and dried apricot among others.

In Romaniamarker, Bulgariamarker and Croatiamarker, the products include semi-solid yogurts (plain, cereal, strawberry and peach) and yogurt drinks (plain, cereal and strawberry-kiwi).

In the Union of South Africa flavors include pear, mango, dried apricot, kiwi, fibre and prune.

In Spainmarker papaya, passion fruit and mango are available.

Packaging design and flavors differ between markets just as products themselves.


A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court on January 25, 2008 said Dannon's own studies failed to support its advertised claims. In a statement in response to the lawsuit, Danone stated that it, "strongly disagrees with the allegations in the lawsuit" and that it makes all scientific studies about its products available to the public following the established method of peer-review and publication.


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