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Ademuz is a municipality in the comarca of Rincón de Ademuz in the Valencian Communitymarker, Spainmarker.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Huerta.

El Rincón de Ademuz and Ademuz

Spain is a cultural puzzle with many interesting places to discover such as El Rincón de Ademuz, a singular rural spot in the Spanish geography which in medieval times was the meeting point of three kingdoms.Ademuz, the capital of Rincón de Ademuz, an area of the province of Valenciamarker nestling between the provinces of Teruelmarker and Cuencamarker, is built on terraces perched on the side of Mount Zafranares. Surrounded by natural beauty spots and rugged landscapes, the town is set in an area dotted with tiny villages, woodlands, rocks and local cuisine that are sure to please visitors. The singular geographic location of El Rincón de Ademuz was one of the reasons for its strategic relevance in the medieval times. El Rincón de Ademuz is set in the valley of Turia rivermarker surrounded by Javalambre and Universal Mountains which provide a special natural beauty to the spot.

A webcam gives you the chance to enjoy the view of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, an architectural ensemble in which we can highlight the "four-arched stone Gothic Town Hall", possibly dating from the fifteenth century, the "Abbey house or House of the priest", with its balconies eaves and wood and wrought iron railings, "Corner of the Square", a beautiful house with half-point arc, always adorned with flowers, "The doctor's house" and other buildings from different periods. Chairing the square are the town hall, porch with quarry and wooden balconies. From the square we get to Calle Solano. On the right are "Casa Garrido," establishment of rural tourism, the eighteenth century, at whose entrance we see a half-point arc. At the end of the Solano arrived at the lookout, from which we can enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Due to large migration with thousands of inhabitants moving to major cities such as Valencia and Barcelonamarker, agriculture suffered an important decline. However, efforts are done to preserve several autochthonous varieties of apple trees such as delicious 'esperiega' apple or to promote its organic aromatic, medicinal and condimental plants.

Literature about El Rincon de Ademuz

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  • ABABOL. Revista del Instituto Cultural y de Estudios del Rincón de Ademuz (ICERA), directed by Ángel Antón Andrés with trimestral edition in Ademuz since 1995. Available under subscription.

Children's stories about the ancient traditions of El Rincon de Ademuz

Since 2009 'El Rincón de Ademuz' gives name to a new series of children's stories that invite you to discover its ancient traditions inherited from a rich cultural background. In its webpage one can also watch some videos or get direct connection to the webcam.

'El Rincón de Ademuz', as many other ancient towns in Spain, is a symbol of the richness of the Spanish cultural inheritance and a unique example of anti-ageism behaviors because old people receive the title of 'uncle' even when there's no family relationship with them. Related to this, the lema of the children's stories is very simple: "To feel proud of yourself you only need to look into your roots. Try and you will find out."


  1. Webcam in the City Hall of Ademuz[1].

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