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This entry is not about King Ahaziah of Judah.

Ahaziah or Ochozias (אחזיהו המלך) (Israelmarker, ca. 870 BC — ca. 850 BC) was king of Israel and the son of Ahab and Jezebel. William F. Albright has dated his reign to 850-849 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 853-852 BC. The author of the Books of Kings criticized him for following the ways of his father Ahab.


During his reign the Moabites revolted from under his authority (2 Kings 3:5-7). This event is recorded on the Mesha stele, an extensive inscription written in the Moabite language.

He united with Jehoshaphat in an attempt to revive maritime trade by the Red Seamarker, which proved a failure (2 Chronicles 20:35-37). His messengers, sent to consult the god of Ekronmarker regarding his recovery from the effects of a fall from the roof-gallery of his palace, were met on the way by Elijah, who sent them back to tell the king that he would never rise from his bed (1 Kings 22:51; 2 Kings 1:18).


The ancestors of Ahaziah can be recognized by the Bible.


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