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Aidan is a masculine given name. It is an Anglicised form of the Irish-language given name Áedán. The name is derived from the name Ádhán, which is a pet form of Áed. The personal name Aed means "fire" and was the name of a Celtic sun god (see Aed ).

Formerly common only in Irelandmarker, the name (together with variants) has become popular in the United Kingdommarker and United States of Americamarker. Aidan is currently the 54th most popular name in the United States since the start of the year 2000, bestowed on over 62,000 boys. Other variants are less popular, with Aiden the 66th most popular, Hayden the 88th, Ayden the 189th, Aden the 333rd, Aydan the 808th and Aydin the 960th, according to the United States Social Security Database. "Aidan/Aiden" was the most popular boys name in Canada in 2007.

Its popularity is also reflected in the occurrence of similar-sounding names such as Braden, Caden, Hayden, and Jaden.

Adan is the Spanish language form of Adam, but may be used by non-Hispanics as an alternative spelling for Aidan. Adan was the 348th most popular boys' name in the database.

Aidan (or any reasonable variant) as a girl's name does not appear in the top 1000 names for girls from the same database, though it has occasionally been used for girls.

Some sources suggest that the feminine equivalent of Aidan is Eithne, which has the same meaning.


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  • Aidan, fictional character in the computer game Guild Wars
  • Aidan Bok, fictional character in the Star Wars novel Galaxy of Fear: Ghost of a Jedi by John Whitman
  • Aidan Brosnan, fictional character played by Sean Maguire in the television series EastEnders
  • Aidan Devane, fictional character played by Aiden Turner in the television series All My Children
  • Aidan of Gwynedd, fictional character in the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz
  • Aidan Haldane , fictional character in the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz
  • Aidan Keller, fictional character played by David Dorfman in the film The Ring
  • Aidan Kerrigan, fictional character in the novel The Jem Star by Karen Drury
  • Aidan Lynch, fictional character in the novel Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
  • Aidan Savage, fictional character in the novel Dark Gold by Christine Feehan
  • Aidan Shaw, fictional character played by John Corbett in the television series Sex and the City
  • Aidan , the title of episode 8 of the television series The Inside



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