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Airmobile Operations Division (Division Luftbewegliche Operationen) is a division of the German Army. Its staff is based at Veitshöchheimmarker near Würzburgmarker. The division was founded on 1 July 2002 and became fully operational on 8 October 2002. It incorporates units from various branches of the German Army. These units are stationed all over Germanymarker. Airmobile Operations Division consists of approximately 14,500 soldiers, 350 of which are stationed at headquarters of the division at Veitshöchheim.This division provides air mobility to all parts of the German Army and is capable of limited air assault operations. Troops of Airmobile Operations Division were also used to assist after natural disasters.

Military vehicle Wolf
Medium transport helicopter CH-53GS


The Airmobile Operations Division received a new internal structure. The command of the division has been restructured. Transport helicopters are directly subordinate to it. As a consequence, the command is responsible for the co-ordination of air movements. In this way, support of special or specialised forces for SAR, evacuation and protective missions is guaranteed. A battalion of the Signal Corps ia also attached to the division as well as a unit of the Army Music Corps. Intervention and stabilisation forces are led by the division.


Light armoured transport vehicle Mungo ESK
Anti-aircraft missile Stinger as used by Airmobile Infantry Regiment 1
Bölkow Bo 105

Armoured vehicles

  • Boxer (armoured fighting vehicle)
  • Fuchs
    • armoured personal carrier
    • NBC reconnaissance
  • Mungo (light armoured transport vehicle)
  • Wiesel 1 (light air-transportable armoured fighting vehicle)
  • Wiesel 2
    • LeFlaSys (ASRAD)
      • Command vehicle
      • Radar vehicle
      • Launcher vehicle Ozelot (equipped with Stinger missiles)

Other vehicles

  • Military vehicle Wolf


The Marder will be replaced by the Fennek.


  • Light transport helicopter Bell UH-1D, will be replaced by multi-role helicopter NH90 starting July 1, 2009
  • Anti-tank helicopter MBB Bo 105PAH, currently being replaced by attack helicopter Tiger (full operational capability by 2012)
  • Medium transport helicopter Sikorsky CH-53G/GS



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