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Sheikh Shams al-Din al-Ansari al-Dimashqi or simply al-Dimashqi ( ) (1256-1327) was a medieval Arab geographer, completing his main work in 1300. Born in Damascusmarker—as his name "Dimashqi" implies—he mostly wrote of his native land, the Greater Syria (Bilad ash-Sham), upon the complete withdrawal of the Crusader. He became a contemporary of the Mamluk sultan Baibars, the general who led the Muslims in war against the Crusaders. His work is of value in connection with the Crusader Chronicles. He died while in Safadmarker, in 1327.

Al-Dimaski's writings on Syria were published in St. Petersburgmarker in 1866 by M.A.F Mehren, and this edition was later used for the English translation by Guy le Strange in 1890.


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