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Al-Emarah : Arabic الإمارة which means ( principality )

It is a famous Tribe in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey they rule a wide rural area in Iraq especially in the provinces of Kutt, Basramarker , Baghdadmarker and Mosulmarker , Syria in Diar Rabiaa' in the eastern area of Syria , And in Mardeinn in southern turkey they are from Rabiaa' One of the greatest Divisions of the sons of Adnnan Son Of Ishmaiel The Son Of Ibraheim .

They can trace Their ancestry to Ibraheim of Ur, a well known tribe of generosity and hospitality, and they are the princes of the Tribe Rabiaa' that means all the other clans that forms the great Body of Rabiaa' submit to their authority , they also have a great history in defending Iraq during the Ottoman Period and in the 1920's against the British Forces, in Basra and Kutt ...

Al-Emarah Gave a great number of great men whom served Iraq with Honor.They are represented nowadays By : The Prince Rabiaa' bin Habib Bin Naseif Bin Darouiesh Bin Mathkoor Bin Ali Beeq As the prince of all the clans of Rabiaa Tribe .

And The Sheik Kahtan Bin Jarai Bin Abdulhameid Bin Hamood Bin Prince Jaber , are the Sheik of Al-Emarah in Basra .

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