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Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rahman al-Sakhawi (831AH 1428 - 902AH 1497) was a reputable Egyptian Islamic scholar, a Shafi'i hafiz, excelling in knowledge of hadith, tafsir, literature, and history.

"Al-Sakhawi" refers to the village of Sakha in Egypt, where his relatives belonged. He was born in Cairomarker and died in Medinamarker. He was an author of numerous books. His proficience in hadith has its influences trace back heavily on his Shaykh Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani.


  • Al-Tuhfat latifah fi Tarikh al-Madinah al-Sharifah (About Madinah al-Munawwara).
  • Fath al-Mugeeth bi Sharh Alfiyat al-Hadith (Al-'Iraqi)
  • Al-Daw' al-lami` li ahli al-Qarni al-Tasi
  • Al-Jawahir wa al-Durar fi Tarjamat Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Hajar (al-Asqalani) ("Pearls and Diamonds: the Biography of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Hajar of `Asqalan")
  • "Al-Maqasid al-Hasanah"

  • "Ashratu Sa'ah" (Signs of the Day of Judgment) - which has been recently reprinted with 'Tahqiq' by Muhammad al-'Aqeel.

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